Get these top 5 gifts for the techie nerd in your life.

Get these top 5 gifts for the techie nerd in your life.  For those of you with a loved one who is really into tech, it can be difficult to find them the right gift. You might have already tried to surprise them with clothing, fitness gadgets, food, booze, or any other thing that most…

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Tech Warnings: 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions and Advice

2020 Cybersecurity and tech warnings

Tech Tips from CoopSys – Episode 8: 2020 Cybersecurity and Tech Warnings What better time than the start of the new year to reflect on what we have seen and learned over the course of the previous year! In our latest episode of Tech Tips from CoopSys we review some major 2019 cybersecurity developments and…

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How To Decide When To Upgrade Your Technology

upgrade old technology in business

When is the right time to upgrade your technology? How do you decide what to upgrade and how do you upgrade it? Are you getting the most value out of your current IT? How do you figure out what technology to upgrade in order to maximize ROI on your investments? You can start by asking…

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