Ransomware Survival Guide: How To Survive Ransomware Attacks

how to survive ransomware attacks hacker

Ransomware holds its spot at the top of the list of malware threats year after year for good reason: It is a highly profitable and effective attack vector for cyber criminals. In order to figure out how to survive these attacks, businesses absolutely need to have a strategy and plan ahead of encountering ransomware scenarios.…

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Is The Cloud Right For Your Business?

Tech Tips from CoopSys – Episode 3: Is the cloud right for your business? In this episode of Tech Tips from CoopSys, we explore a hot topic in the world of business IT: The cloud. So many small and medium businesses just like yours are hitting a critical crossroads. Whether your server is at the…

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Data Privacy for Businesses: Data Privacy Day 2019

January 28 Data Privacy Day

Cooperative Systems joined the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) in the global efforts to support Data Privacy Day (DPD) by becoming a 2019 champion! This is an internationally recognized effort made each year on January 28. It is intended to empower people to protect their digital footprint, highlighting and escalating the protection of data and…

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