Get these top 5 gifts for the techie nerd in your life.

Get these top 5 gifts for the techie nerd in your life. 

For those of you with a loved one who is really into tech, it can be difficult to find them the right gift. You might have already tried to surprise them with clothing, fitness gadgets, food, booze, or any other thing that most people would enjoy. However, techie nerds are a whole different animal when it comes to gifts. Most of them really just want…more technology! 

So, if tech isn’t your thing or you want to really wow them, check out some of our top favs. We’re confident your tech geek will be impressed.  

iHome iBT371 waterproof speaker- $34.95 

While some of us may look forward to sipping our favorite cup of warm, hazelnut coffee in the morning, many of us can’t wait to rock out to our favorite 80’s songs to start our day. Jamming to your favorite hits in the shower, is a perfect way to get your daily dose of music in. Whether you’re listening to a calming meditation playlist or playing your air guitar to your favorite rock band, the iHome iBT371 speaker is a fun addition to your home. 

There are a variety of attractive features which makes this speaker a steal. 

  • Excellent music quality within its lower bass levels, mid-range tempos, and high treble notes 
  • Shockproof, sand proof, and waterproof housing 
  • LED accent lighting options 
  • Quick and easy Bluetooth setup 
  • Digital streaming capabilities from multiple platforms 

Lume Cube Video conference kit- $69.99 

At one point or another, most of us found ourselves on a Zoom call at some point in the past few years. We’ve remote schooled our children, managed internal teams, and connected with our far away loved ones via live video calls.  

 You may have noticed that good lighting makes all the difference on these calls, but you might not have known how to get it. Obviously, you can get away with bad lighting, the kind that makes you look like you’re being filmed on a 1990’s Sony VHS video camera, if you’re calling your mom for your weekly Zoom catchup. However, leading a sales call with a prospective client is a whole different scenario. If you need better lighting, then this is the kit for you.  

The Lume Cube video conference kit is a great, economical option in providing high-quality lighting for your video calls. Whether you are leading a call from your hotel room, or even from your dining room table, the Lume Cube radically improves your lighting.  

Other reasons the Lume Cube is a must buy, includes: 

  • Easy setup  
  • Far reaching compatibility with various laptops 
  • Simple color and brightening adjustment knobs 
  • Long-lasting battery life (with a USB cord included) 

DropMix Music Gaming system- $74.99 

What does listening to your favorite songs and friendly competition have in common? They both bring out the fun and the inner child in all of us.  

Nothing brings us together better than great music, play, and the potential to win. DropMix does manage to combine all of these activities together seamlessly. Seriously, if a board game and a music player had a baby, their offspring would be named, DropMix.  

DropMix is a small platform that conveniently fits on any flat surface whether that’s your dining table, kitchen island, or coffee table. DropMix offers a variety of game options including matching playing cards to music, creating mixes from your favorite artists, answering trivia about your favorite band, and more. No matter what games you play, you can still listen to the music at the same time.  

Here are just a few of the many cool features in DropMix: 

  • 3 fun ways to play: Freestyle, Clash and Party 
  • Diverse music from award-winning artists 
  • Great for head-to-head competition for pure fun! 

Remarkable 2 tablet- $299 

For most of us, we either enjoy writing on paper or typing on our computer. For those of us who like the physical act of writing, a journal, planner, or notebook is our go to for task tracking and documenting important information. For those who prefer typing, online tools like Google Docs or Notion might be our default.  

Never before has there been an option to appease people in both the haptic and the digital camps until now… 

Meet Remarkable, an innovative tablet that combines both functionalities into one product. The Remarkable 2 paper tablet melds the feeling of writing on paper, with the functionality of a digital tablet.  

The second-generation model provides features such as: 

  • Canvas display 
  • 2x processor feed when writing  
  • Converts handwriting into text for notetaking 
  • Paper-writing audio effects 

This next generation tablet provides 21st century technology, with the nostalgic experience of a paper notebook. 

Apple MacBook Air- $899 

Despite its hefty price tag, Apple delivers an incredible product for Mac lovers.  

This is a great option for those in the market for a new laptop. We’re most captivated by the 13-inch MacBook Air. This popular Apple laptop is a fit for students, business professionals, and everyday users alike. While it does not have the extra hard drive space, memory, or 1080-resolution webcam like Apple’s higher-priced MacBook Pro models, it still has a lot to offer. 

Here are several of the well known MacBook Air’s features

  • No vents, which means there are no fans and no fan noise—perfect for classrooms and meetings. 
  • Stellar battery life that lasts up to 18 hours of continued use. 
  • Compatible with all of your favorite apps like Microsoft 365, Google Drive and more. 

If you’ve gotten to the bottom of our list and haven’t found something for your technie loved one, check out this article ( for even more options.  

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