Our customers mean the world to us.

They’re the reason why we do what we do.


“We always look forward to this event each year. It’s a great opportunity to spend some of our precious time with our valued clients and business partners. Fall is such a great season here in Connecticut, and we typically have great weather to enjoy each other’s company and have some fun.”

Scott Spatz,
President, CoopSys


“We always look forward to this event each year. It’s a great opportunity to spend some of our precious time with our valued clients and business partners. Fall is such a great season here in Connecticut, and we typically have great weather to enjoy each other’s company and have some fun.”

Scott Spatz,
President, CoopSys

Throughout the rest of the year, we help their businesses adapt, become more resilient and thrive. Most of our clients have been with us for 10+ years. We plan on keeping it that way.

We’d like to share their IT Services experiences with you.


“Some of the great things about working with Cooperative Systems are that they’re constantly proactive, they’re always monitoring our systems while ensuring that we’re operating at full efficiencies. Without their partnership, it would be difficult to navigate our ever-changing environment. We love the fact that we can reach out to their senior management and when we do, the issue is resolved very quickly. They are professionals who are at the top of their game and truly always learning the ins and outs of our business and the IT world overall. The fact that we know that someone is always there at CoopSys is critical. One of the other things that I appreciate is that the faces never change. Knowing that we’ll be dealing with the same professionals is really important to us. The single biggest reason I’d recommend Cooperative Systems is because they always have their clients’ best interest at heart. They value their relationships with their clients which is also one of the pillars of our business model.”

Nicolas Gennetti,
Vice President, Herb Chambers Companies

“We highly recommend Cooperative Systems because of their approach when serving businesses, and because of the services and solutions they offer. They came in and learned about our business, how we operated, and what we needed. Then, they designed a total solution that was designed specifically for our business. Not only did they install our entire IT program, but I think it's because of CoopSys that I’ve grow so much in the last couple of years. Our ability to grow, to buy other agencies and to please our clientele is in large part due to the support that CoopSys gives us. We had a lot of IT people who would just only respond to break/fixes. We had a lot of people who didn’t really understand our business and never designed us anything to help us with our business. Comcast can sometimes go down. Verizon can sometimes go down and then I’m left without internet connections. That’s the most frustrating thing is getting the call from Verizon saying we’re fixing the lines hang on. It could take a day.

CoopSys put a failsafe in place so that if my internet goes down, everything automatically fails over to the cell towers without me having to do anything. It’s all done on their end. It’s amazing. Also, we have redundant internet connections at all locations, and a phone system in place that’s flexible and not dependent on a physical location. We were able to work from anywhere while serving our clients during this stressful time in their personal lives. I love how proactive they were in getting to know my business, learning how I need to operate and putting a plan in place to meet my biggest need. They’re so quick to response, proactive, and are in tune with everything that goes on in technology. They really leverage their knowledge of what’s new in technology to help individual businesses.”

Laurie Mancinelli,
Co-Owner & Certified Insurance Counselor, MTM Insurance Associates

“You always feel crippled in that moment when you don't have something working. Cooperative Systems took time to listen and understand our technology challenges and took time to learn about our larger industry technology goals. So, for me, it's always been about relying on their consistency...being fast, being dedicated to making sure I get the answers I need, and the equipment I need, right away, and getting quick service. Having somebody you can turn to and rely on is extremely important, and they've always been extraordinarily dependable. We felt comfortable working with Cooperative Systems because of their expert knowledge of the insurance industry and the requirements which the insurance industry demands. It was this result that helps us run our business and serve our insurance customers.”

Brendan Quinn,
President, Sumner & Sumner Insurance

“Cooperative Systems helped us develop, and implement, a comprehensive security plan which makes it easy for us to count on the strong safety of our network.”

Matt Krawiec,
Business Enterprise Developer, Polamer Precision

“Cooperative Systems has created a technology platform that makes doing business easier, no matter where we are physically located. Our people love the simplicity! We have seamless integration of computers, cell phones, and all areas involving communication. They immediately assign one individual to a task who sees it through to a timely completion. It is clear they care about their customers.”

Peter Goode,
Northeast Brokerage, Inc.

“This has been a significantly better experience than what we had with previous IT vendors. Cooperative Systems is very responsive and diligent about addressing our issues. It eases the mind knowing their team is watching our IT systems. They are always prompt in returning calls to find out exactly what the problem is and the engineers that come out are very knowledgeable and professional.”

Cheryl Dailey,
Controller, Herb Chambers Companies

"CoopSys was rolling out consistent systems for their client base and we realized that our previous provider had different configurations for every client so a lot of time was spent on keeping the backbone working. This meant the standard user issues would get short-shifted. We were really looking to get our IT backbone more stable and for a partner that brought more to the table in terms of being a strategic partner and not just fixing stuff. CoopSys ran an initial assessment to identify our pain points at the time. Then, we worked together for the first six to 12 months to systematically address them. This included remote access, which at the time, was only working inconsistently. They got it locked that down, put a VPN in place and also did a bunch of other IT things we needed to do. I feel like all of this work prepared us for the pandemic environment and allowed us to focus on the next challenge. Having a strategic partner was one of the biggest value adds with CoopSys from my perspective. They are a valuable thought partner in terms of planning our future business needs since we’re always looking 3-4 years down the line. Also, we’re able to check in on costs and have a very predictable monthly spend. We’re looking out on 2 years of projects and already have rough estimates. We’re able to engage our own budget process thoughtfully and predictably. We feel like we’ve found a trusted partner that is invested in our success.”

Steve Borla,
Chief Operating Officer, Hartford Community Loan Fund

“Terence took the time to listen and address my needs. Not a major problem but an annoying one. He fixed it and then proceeded to show me how to operate my printer-scanner. I've been trying to get this done for months but to no avail. He did an excellent job in explaining what he was doing and how to operate the system. Fast and efficient.”

Herb Chambers Honda of Boston

“Alex was a life saver today. I'm working from home due to the virus. My laptop crashed and he drove from Boston to NH to repair it for me. I am so thankful! Such a great guy. Thank you so much Alex.”

Herb Chambers Audi of Brookline

“I knew the service desk was slammed with calls because most of their customers were trying to work from home, some for the first time! I have never been able to print from home so just worked around it. However, now we’re all working from home and so printing here became critical to getting my job done. Ryan went over and above to help me figure out the problem. I’m finally able to print. Thank you, Ryan.”

MTM Insurance Associates

“Brian was very patient and worked with me until I was up and running. Everyone at Cooperative Systems has been so helpful. I know these times have created more assistance than normal and I appreciate everyone's efforts.”

Crosspoint Federal Credit Union

“A huge shout out to Josh who coordinated this for us and definitely did his homework to ensure things would run as smoothly as possible to avoid interrupting our workday. He deserves 5+ stars. His before, during, and after commitment to us was impeccable and truly appreciated. Also, a big thank you to Bruce for being onsite to help us with this update. Having him here was a big help and made us feel more confident about this update.”

Wentworth Surgery Center, LLC

“Very well handled, and very promptly handled. David also had great advice for me in terms of improving my computer literacy.”

Graphite Metalizing

"Thank you, Martin for being very responsive, accommodating and helpful."

WestMass ElderCare

Dan Roberts did an awesome job! I was very fearful that I was not going to be able to get my work done due to the email not working, and he got it going in short order. Well done, Dan. Many thanks.”

Hartford Dispensary

"Both Dave and Josh were outstanding, very helpful and patient. They did not leave any stone unturned while resolving my issue. When I was instructed to call Comcast, Josh's email explaining the situation was the key in helping Comcast's tech person to resolve it quickly. Thank you."

American Savings Foundation

"Alex and Bruce really did an above and beyond job at the new Land Rover Boston site. We are going live on Monday and every single piece is nailed. Above and beyond work for sure. Thank you.”

Michael N.,
Herb Chambers Companies

"Peter was so patient and helpful. He took time to really sort out what was my issue in my comp. Two thumbs up. Highly recommended."

Coastal Surgery Center

"Tech (Mike) got right on it and made sure I was comfortable with the game plan. Top marks!"

VMS Construction

"Your team worked on this swiftly, escalated as needed, and corrected this issue with Quickbooks."

Springfield Parking Authority

"My advisor Jason was very helpful and patient with my lack of computer knowledge."

Herb Chambers Companies

"I arrived to work and was unable to log on in any way to my computer/office. I immediately called Cooperative Systems and Richard Peters was absolutely superb at getting me connected in a kind, friendly and timely manner. Kudos to Rich and many thanks."

Herb Chambers Companies

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