Peloton and Oculus Quest 2: How these 2 companies are using technology to get you fit over the holidays!

How will you get fit in 2022?  

Are you tired of the same old boring routine?  

Are you fed up with trying to find the time to get to the gym? 

Do you need help staying on track?  

Then, consider using technology to spice up and track your workouts in the convenience of your home according to your schedule.  

Sounds like a dream, right?  

Well, Peloton and Oculus Quest 2 are making this a reality.  

They understand our need for more. Our need for communities of like-minded people who want to have fun while engaging in sweat-producing activities. Learn more about how each of these companies can help you meet your 2022 resolutions to get healthier and happier.  

Peloton: A high-energy, competition-driven, and community-based ride 

You may recognize Peloton’s name from seeing it all over the news lately (especially during the height of the pandemic). However, it didn’t hit mainstream popularity overnight.  

Peloton first came on the scene in 2013 when it sold its first stationary bike. Since then, Peloton has and continues to cultivate a dedicated community of riders.  

There are so many reasons Peloton is a great way to burn off those stubborn holiday pounds. For one, you can burn about 500-700 calories on a brisk, 30-minute Peloton ride.  

Peloton is popular for a variety of reasons including:  

  • Peloton trainers are dynamic, extremely fit, and well qualified. Many of the trainers are former world-class cyclists. They exude big and enthusiastic personalities, which they use to motivate their members 
  • Live cycling class experience. A huge component of the Peloton experience is its live, interactive experience. During the live class, trainers will scroll through the leaderboard (list of everyone in the class) and yell shoutouts to individual riders. Riders can high five each other to stay engaged, and support other riders who reach milestones, such as their 100th ride. If competition is your thing, all you need to do is check out your place on the leaderboard, and get moving to raise your ranks.  
  • The Peloton library. For those of you who like to move based on your schedule, but still want the variety, Peloton offers a library full of pre-recorded exercise classes including cycling, running, Pilates, yoga and more. There’s an easy-to-use search function so you can choose your next exercise adventure based on genre, instructor, length or all three. For those of you who love scenic tours, there are over 200 timed scenic rides at such faraway places as Iceland or Italy to inspire your future traveling ambitions. 

Oculus Quest 2: An interactive, full-body, virtual experience 

It was not too long ago when P90X and Insanity ruled the population of people working out in their homes. Now, there’s a new popular kid in town, and it’s virtual reality (VR) fitness.  

If you’re looking to launch into the VR world, the Oculus Quest 2 is one of the most popular and affordable options.  

Oculus Quest 2 has a comfortable, easy-to-use headset couple with an incredibly immersive experience, all of which helps further its popularity. Though it does not hurt that Oculus Quest 2 won top place in the best gaming accessory category at the 2021 TechRadar Choice Awards.  

When it comes to virtual reality fitness, it’s all about the games. Here’s a great one to get started with:  


Supernatural offers expert, real world fitness trainers plus some of the best music playlists (with Spotify integration) around against a backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes. Needless to say, it’s fun. Also, you can quickly adjust the intensity of your workout, among three different levels.  

Additional well-liked features Include: 

  1. Hand-selected workouts 

Supernatural makes it fast and easy to find specific workouts from its 500+ workout library. If you tend towards option overwhelm, use the organized carousels to get started. 

Organized carousel options include:  

  • Target Muscle Groups: This enables you to locate workouts based on different parts of your body such as the lower body, upper body, or core. 
  • Picks: This shows you the top favorite workouts at each intensity level. 
  • Start a Dance Party: This is exactly what it sounds like, only you will be dancing in the comfort of your own home. drives you to groove and connect to rhythm while you sweat. 
  1. Quick and easy filters 

Save time by using the easy-to-use filters. The filters allow you to select your favorite coaches, music genre, intensity level, and duration of your workout. With all these options at your disposal, there is no better way to match your mood with your workout. 

  1. Community 

Nothing helps motivate people more than socializing. If you are in this camp, then connect with the online Supernatural communities. They rank high on engagement and offer lots of practical tips and words of support to keep you (and them) exercising. Members happily share their own fitness wins and will be there to celebrate yours.  

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