Why cybersecurity is VITAL to protecting cloud services.

A recent 2021 Netskope Cloud and Threat Report raised some eye-opening pieces of research. In 2021, 53% of all web traffic has been cloud-related, which increased the dangers of cyberattacks. It also revealed a 13% malware spike from cloud apps.  Ray Canzanese, Netskope Threat Research Director, provided an interesting perspective on this subject. He stated,…

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Why Modern Workplaces Use Office 365

modern workplaces use office 365

When you think about the current state of workplaces you know versus what you have seen in the past, it is not hard to make some guesses about why modern workplaces use Office365. As we have explained in previous posts we do not always recommend the cloud for all businesses; however, there are some really…

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Is The Cloud Right For Your Business?

Tech Tips from CoopSys – Episode 3: Is the cloud right for your business? In this episode of Tech Tips from CoopSys, we explore a hot topic in the world of business IT: The cloud. So many small and medium businesses just like yours are hitting a critical crossroads. Whether your server is at the…

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