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Enabling resilient, agile manufacturing operations.

Technology Strategy and solutions For Manufacturers

Downtime can cost your manufacturing business more than just money; your client relationships are at stake.

As a manufacturing business, we know your systems need to be up and running at all times. Optimal performance is important to agile and lean manufacturing processes and quality output.

You are constantly challenged with improving production while maintaining security and safety. Keeping your operations running efficiently with an effective supply chain management plan is critical.

We help manufacturing businesses just like yours to maximize resources, minimize down-time, and continuously improve their operations and client satisfaction as a result.

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Solving Manufacturing IT Problems

We tackle pain points that are unique to the manufacturing industry every day for our clients.
Here are some examples of those problems we solve:

Integrations and Vendor Management

Your software systems are to your business operations. Whether your business applications are on-premise or in the cloud, we can help. We have extensive experience implementing and integrating manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution software.

Leverage us to save time, costs, and effort by having us support you and manage your software vendor relationships.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

We understand the unique networking and connectivity needs of manufacturing environments.  From your wired connections to wireless networking to telecom needs, we'll equip you with a rock solid platform to run your business operations without interruption.

We have over 25 years of experience resolving networking and communication concerns for manufacturers like you.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We evaluate the specific requirements of your business and build a strategy that will secure and maintain your entire environment no matter what. 

Our all-in-one backup solutions will provide coverage and protection for all of your manufacturing data and technologies.

Regulatory Compliance

In today's competitive landscape, failing to ensure compliance could mean not only security implications themselves, but it also puts you at risk of losing critical supplier relationships and contracts.

We'll help you to identify, achieve, and maintain compliance according to your unique products and upstream requirements.

Your Competitive Advantage

Propel your business forward with robust, resilient, hassle-free technology.

Up-Time Guarantee

Keeping Your Business Running

You'll benefit from our 99.99% business continuity promise. We'll keep your business running at all times and at optimal performance.


Staying Ahead Of Issues

We'll monitor and secure your entire network to prevent outages, attacks, data loss, and vulnerabilities. We ID and resolve risks before they affect your operations.

Accessibility & Connectivity

Keeping You Connected

Seamlessly integrate all components of your network - from your manufacturing floor to your warehouse to your office headquarters to your multiple locations.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline Operations

What's preventing you from operating at maximum efficiency and productivity? We'll uncover answers and provide recommendations with a path forward to improve.

Case Study:

Connecticut Manufacturer Experiences Stronger Data Security Protection

In a highly regulated industry, one Connecticut manufacturer relies on Cooperative Systems to ensure that their intellectual property doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

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