it support for manufacturing manufacturers

Manufacturers and distribution organizations like yours are facing more challenges than ever that impact their performance and initiatives.

Without the right partner, managing the complexities of IT and how your technology supports your logistics and operations can be overwhelming.

Without strategic guidance and solid IT support, it can be an uphill battle to face the pressures of competition, complicated supply chains, compliance regulations, and other concerns unique to the manufacturing industry.

We have experience and expertise to evaluate, design, and implement IT solutions that will give your manufacturing organization a true competitive edge. We’ll drive your success by building and maintaining operational excellence.

Performance of your team and systems is as important as the materials themselves that you are providing your customers.
We’ll help you to better align your technology with your business.

We partner with companies like yours to ensure that your network, automated processes, information exchange, control of equipment, security, and oversight are well-aligned to make a positive impact on your strategic initiatives.

What We Do For Manufacturers

24 x 7 x 365 Support & Business Continuity

In the manufacturing industry, it is paramount that systems and infrastructure are running at peak performance around the clock.

We ensure uninterrupted connectivity with a 99.9999% up-time guarantee. This means that your network and applications stay online at all times. We keep a constant eye on your bandwidth and connectivity, and we prevent complications by identifying and eliminating issues we detect in your environment.

Proactive monitoring & maintenance

We will identify forseeable problems and fix them before you encounter any downtime, breaches, or other operational disruptions. This creates a solid foundation for your ERP system or SAP.

Managed security & compliance

We are ready to guide you with our multi-layered approach to achieving and enforcing compliance. You’ll have protection at every layer of your network and we will reduce the risk of data loss and breaches thanks to our best-in-class security tools specially design to detect vulnerabilities in your system.

We’ll help you protect your intellectual property, ensure the security of your operations, and minimize downtime continuously.

Seamless integrations

You likely rely on ERP software and applications like Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, or SAP in order to run your business. Unfortunately, just putting it in place doesn’t always mean you are maximizing its value. We can work with you to ensure that your system is doing what you need it to do, and that it is providing that value at all times.

On top of that aspect, we can assist with access control and sharing of external connection between you and your suppliers. We want you to be efficient and increase performance without having to compromise security and compliance.


By standardizing and unifying your systems and infrastructure, Cooperative Systems can help you to stay ahead of the technology curve and remain competitive. We provide strategy and tools to guide clients toward their goals with the use of technology, all-the-while keeping costs down and maximizing up-time.

Problems We Solve For Manufacturing Firms

You’ll never have to worry about whether or not your systems are performing like they should.

We take care of supporting your team on the floor, as they leverage these core systems to produce great results. Your reputation and profits are important and we’ll give you the right tools you need to stop worrying about your IT and stay focused on your products and customers. 

As new technologies are introduce to your network, they don’t always play nice with your older systems or applications. 

This can result in double entry of data, having to hunt in multiple places for information or sources of issues, broken process, almost always yields inefficiencies. Thorough planning ahead of implementation can minimize these issues as you work to keep your infrastructure current.

Manufacturers with robust technology in their organization have a strong advantage.

They are able to lower processing cost and better their processes all while maintaining consistently seamless operations. Leverage your technology investment by leveraging us as your experienced, expert resource!

With ever-increasing risks and regulations in play, technology considerations are a strategic move for manufacturing companies looking to stay ahead and in compliance.

Internal processes and policies, endpoint protection, employee awareness training, and other such components are all pieces of the security and compliance puzzle. We ensure that our manufacturing clients remain up-to-date with regard to their requirements, protections, and compliance initiatives.
If you’re facing DFARS 7012 requirements, as an example, we are equipped to help you implement your NIST SP 800-171 Rev 1 Security Controls. We know what it takes to protect your manufacturing firm and maintain compliance.



Your control systems, computers, and machinery are all looped into your internal network. In manufacturing, there are a whole plethora of devices and components to be considered when you’re assessing security and compliance. On top of day-to-day requirements and preventative measures you can take, there might be additional layers of protection required of you depending on your clientele and vendors.

We have the expertise, experience, and resources to help you.

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