IT support in Hartford and a historical perspective on Hartford area businesses

Hartford Connecticut, as a medium sized city, has seen its share of changes in the business climate over the past few decades.  

This article explores how technology has affected Hartford area businesses and what it means to have up-to-date IT support

What did Hartford IT and Technology Support look like 20 years ago?  

Around the turn of the century, Hartford was in the middle of a boom.  

It was the first generation of the world wide web and everyone was jumping on board. I remember someone telling me that our IT support business located in West Hartford would be obsolete in a few years because everything was going online. We might as well close our doors because the Internet was where everything was headed.  

People were saying that traditional brick and mortar businesses were doomed! 

And while a few brick-and-mortar industries have been made obsolete by the Internet (remember Blockbuster?), we can see today that most businesses have adapted to the Internet, embraced new technology, and have thrived from all of the conveniences and efficiencies that the Internet and other IT systems have offered.  

With IT support playing such a critical role in the transformation of businesses over the last 20 years, its hard to imagine how businesses would have survived through all of the changes. In fact, I would guess that most have you reading this article have undergone more than a few technology upgrades over this span of time. 

What does Hartford IT Support look like today? 

Today, IT support companies like Cooperative Systems look very different than they did 20 years ago.  

With Managed Services becoming widely adopted, most IT support companies offer a managed service “package” in addition to their traditional reactive based services.  

Smaller IT support providers have had to adapt to new ways of doing business, including remote support and monitoring, protecting their clients from cyberattacks, and reacting quickly through dedicated help desk personnel.  

The more sophisticated IT support companies added more complex technology solutions, established dedicated security teams, expanded their breadth of support solutions, moved many of their customers to a private cloud, stepped up their communications, and held regular strategic business reviews with their clients in the form of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).  

Hartford area solution providers today can be distinguished from one another by comparing whether they have these capabilities or not. 

What will Hartford IT Support look like in the next 10 years? 

In the future, what will IT support look like for Hartford area businesses?  

It’s difficult to say exactly, but the IT support companies that invest in their people, in their processes, and in their technology, will have the greatest chances for success over the next 10 years.  

It’s good to know that Hartford area businesses can rely on IT support companies like Cooperative Systems to help manage their technology while they focus on their core business, whether that be caring for a patient at Hartford Healthcare, manufacturing a component for a Pratt and Whitney engine, or running a financial analysis at the Hartford Insurance Group.  

Hartford area solution providers like Cooperative Systems are set up specifically to help your small business thrive through advanced IT solutions for the Hartford area and beyond.