What Happens To Social Media Accounts When Someone Dies?

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According to Digital Beyond approximately 972,000 U.S.-based Facebook users will die in 2016. After someone dies, does their social media go on to live forever? We sought to answer this question by tackling a few questions: Who can handle your accounts if you aren’t there to claim them? Who determines the fate of someone’s online…

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Maintain HIPAA Compliance With A Managed Service Provider

Working in healthcare can be so stressful and intense as it is. Due diligence like tackling HIPAA compliance can feel burdensome and impossible, as it takes away from precious hours and resources. It appears this way because most practice managers and healthcare professionals view compliance as a burdensome hassle. They view it as a determent…

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Three Ways To Better Manage Your IT Team

To manage your team better, especially in the realm of IT, it is important to consider who makes up that team. When we think of “IT guy” we think smart, determined, and analytical in nature. They are problem solvers, coders, and programmers. They fix broken things like email servers, databases and Microsoft software suites. They…

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