We're always looking to expand and would love your help!

We’re looking to serve even more clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts areas who run a small or medium-sized business and who value the use of technology in their operations. Do you know someone we should be talking to?

If you learn of any opportunities with business owners in your network, please let us know! Whether they are frustrated with their technology support system or they are just feeling like they aren’t getting the return on their IT investments, we’d love to provide value with a no-obligation consultation to someone in your network. In return, we’d love to also send a little token of our appreciation your way.

Reciprocally, we’d also like to help you find new clients! If you’re interested, please send us a high-level description or demographics of what makes a great client for you so we can be on the look-out for opportunities for you.


Since 1993, Cooperative Systems has assisted small and medium businesses across New England to achieve their goals with the use of technology. 

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