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IT Monitoring & Management For Business: Are You Prepared for IoT (Internet of Things)

Summer 2018 has arrived! Warmer weather means families are spending time enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, bike rides, and beach days. With less time in the office comes more time on other devices, especially wearable technology like Apple Watches or FitBits. In other words, it is time to think about the Internet of Things and…

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Is a BYOD Policy Right for Your Business in 2018?

Posted: 12/07/2017 in: Business Planning, BYOD, Management, Mobile Devices

As 2017 winds down, it is time to forecast the workplace technology trends for 2018 and anticipate how these trends can impact your small business. One of the biggest trends is Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. Being that we are in the business of making sure you are prepared for what the changing technology…

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5 of The Best Ways to Keep Your Technology Safe This Holiday Shopping Season

Keep your technology safe this holiday season with these 5 tips. Your security should be a top priority for your family as well as your business this holiday season!

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IT and Technology for Business: How Outdated Hardware Affects Your Business

If you have IT supporting your operations, it is absolutely important to take care of it and keep it current. There are not only concerns as it relates to product support and functionality, but security risks can exponentially rise with the age of network components in many cases.

Here’s a 3-step approach to upgrading your IT infrastructure.

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IT Security & Compliance For Business: Why a Secure Network Is Important for Remote Employees

Posted: 09/01/2016 in: BYOD, Management, multi-site, Security

Setting up a secure remote virtual private network, or VPN, for your business can prove to be a challenge, especially as it relates to security. Here is a guide for navigating that process.

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Cybersecurity For Businesses: How Wearable Devices Could Threaten Your Business Data

Posted: 01/19/2016 in: BYOD, Management, Productivity, Security

You’ve probably seen the new smart watches that people are wearing and you might ask yourself, “What’s so special about them?” Wearable technology is typically meant to perform the various functions of a smartphone, minus the phone. Some devices are even used to monitor the body’s physical activity with health apps. They might seem useful…

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