IT Security & Compliance For Business: Technology Is Everyone’s Responsibility

hacker anonymous business security

The role of business IT and technology has grown exponentially. As more business functions are created, business processes are developed and business data is gathered, business security threats have become more prevalent, more complex, and tougher to fight against. Security, namely cybersecurity, is no longer an issue that hobbyists blog about. Sophisticated criminals are making…

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Why Business IT and Technology Doesn’t need To Be Expensive

Break the Bank piggy

In the beginning, we all thought, ‘technology is going digital and online, therefore it will be cheaper.’ Sadly, that’s not true and it’s pretty widely accepted. Don’t despair, though. Just because technology for your business seems like more of a luxury, doesn’t mean it has to have a luxurious price tag. Great Outsourced IT is possible…

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Are Passwords Leaving Your Network Unlocked?

binary code passwords

Passwords today are like spare keys that have been given out to too many friends and neighbors. Common password content like birthdays, favorite sports teams, or names of children or pets are easily found on social media accounts. Cybersecurity is vital to a successful business, especially as hackers try to exploit the companies they expect…

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