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HIPAA Compliance and IT: Are You Up To Date?

Posted: 07/26/2018 in: Healthcare, HIPAA, Regulation & Compliance

Summer is winding down and open enrollment is right around the corner. Speaking of personal health information – is it time for you and your business to think about HIPAA compliance? Many business owners and decision-makers believe that HIPAA belongs to the world of doctor’s offices and insurance companies, but it’s a little more complicated….

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Improve The Patient Experience At Your Healthcare Organization With These 4 Simple Methods

Here are 4 steps to using technology to improve the quality of care your healthcare organization provides to your patients.

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The Top Reasons Why Fax Still Exists

Why is fax not dead yet?! Is our faxing procedure efficient? Are we secure? Faxing won’t be around forever, we predict, but it’s still very relevant today and we have outlined why.

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