Cryptocurrency and IT Infrastructure For Businesses: How You Can Accept It and Profit From Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency isn’t going away anytime soon.   With more providers of goods and services accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now than ever before, businesses just like yours,

Ransomware Issues for Businesses: Why Even the White House Is Getting Involved In Ransomware Prevention

A ransomware attack can be devastating to your business. Ransomware attacks can shut down your business for inconvenient periods of time, permanently damage your

Controlling Your IT: Should You Outsource Your IT, Hire Internally, or Have a Hybrid?

Hire or outsource?  Outsource or hire?  We hear this question all the time from business owners, just like you.   Here is what we DO know: It is a difficult

Paid Technology Assessments Vs. Free Technology Assessments: Which is better for your organization and why?

Technology. Some business professionals love it, some hate it. But why? There are many different explanations for this dynamic. IMHO, the lack of proper

Backup and Continuity for Hartford and Boston Businesses: Why Backups Are Important

Backups of your IT network and your company data are one of the most important things you can have in the case of unforeseen events.  According to Steadfast, human error is the

Security and Compliance for Businesses: What is the Dark Web?

What the heck is the dark web and why does this weird term matter to my business? Maybe you heard your LinkedIn, Instagram, or
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People & Technology Training: Cybersecurity and your business

Your company’s employees are your greatest asset. But if they’re not properly trained in cybersecurity, they may be your greatest liability. Knowing that, what
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How Human Error Affects The Security of Your Business Technology

Your biggest asset is your people.   But when it comes to the health of your technology, your biggest internal threat to the security
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Top Reasons Your Business Should Consider Leveraging The Cloud (Private Data Center)

The Cloud and Data Centers. We’ve all heard of it and what they are. Some of us use the Cloud for mobile apps, videos
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How Your Business Should Prepare in the Case of Another COVID Shutdown

The COVID-19 situation has quickly escalated into a political hot button, with everyone wanting to weigh in. Ticker boards were implemented on news sites
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10 Tips For Website Accessibility: Your Website Accessibility Checklist

When it comes to how your company is being represented online, aesthetics and volume of content are not the only significant factors in how