Our Culture

We make culture and community count.

At Cooperative Systems, we shape every moment around our four core values:

Together, they form the foundation of our company culture and guide us daily in our actions. Whether it's a co-worker or a client, we do our best to embody our core values in all we achieve.

A look into life at Cooperative Systems


Empathy goes a long way. We strongly value maintaining a harmonious relationship across the board, and we start with the humans we talk to every day. Whether you’re a client or coworker, you are heard and understood.

“Brian is amazing, he has such an upbeat attitude and personality!"

Erika – Wentworth Surgery Center


At Cooperative Systems, we hold ourselves accountable for valuing our clients’ IT troubles as the highest priority. Without accountability, our clients would be just another ticket in a queue, and our goal is to go above and beyond a typical IT experience. Our clients are far too valuable to be filed away and ignored – they deserve a correct resolution as soon as possible.

“Tom called me back on HIS DAY OFF! Not only went above and beyond but gave exceptional service. I’m so satisfied & grateful! Thank you, Tom!”

Vito – Herb Chambers


The unpredictable can always happen, especially when it comes to technology. Our team is always prepared, but if by chance they aren’t, they’re excited to adapt to the challenge. Whether that means making an emergency laptop delivery to our clients when our office is closed or taking extra time with our clients to solve a problem larger than what’s in the ticket notes, we’re always ready to grow and learn under pressure.

“It's always a positive ending working with David K. Thank you for taking the extra time in listening to other concerns not pertaining to this ticket.”

Rocio Ruiz – Root Center

Dedicated to Success

At Cooperative Systems, we’re dedicated to the overall success of our clients and the people in our organization. We enable your success by delivering only the best in customer service and IT offerings. Our team's dedication to our clients never tires, constantly expanding their technological knowledge through classes or training so they can evolve with the fast-paced world of tech.

“The workers are super nice and are very understanding! They take their time explaining information and answering any questions you may have.”

Ashley – WestMass ElderCare


Although teamwork isn’t technically listed as one of our core values, it’s woven into everything we do. When working on a complex project or struggling to meet a deadline, our people know there’s always someone to lend a hand because we work smarter and harder, together. We get the work done, and then we take the time to celebrate our wins with each other. We understand people can’t grow unless they’re in a healthy environment, especially in a field as complex as technology.

At Cooperative Systems, we’re coworkers, we’re partners and clients, we’re friends, but above all we’re a team.

Eleven Times in a Row is No Coincidence.

We’ve won HBJ’s “Best Places to Work in Connecticut” Award for 11 consecutive years!

BPTW website

Quarterly Team Building Events

We believe that connection builds great working relationships, so we take time out every quarter to gather, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company.

Volunteer Advisory Committee:

At Cooperative Systems, we believe Volunteerism and Social Responsibility are crucial components of our company culture. Giving back provides more opportunities to connect with our community, increase employee engagement and morale, and promote teamwork.

Our mission is to make a real difference in the Greater Hartford area by providing:

CoopsysArtboard 10_icons

Direct services

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Community education

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CoopsysArtboard 10_icons

Shared knowledge through speaking engagements and Philanthropic Giving

We believe the joy of giving back is an irreplaceable experience that everyone should have. With the spirit of our community in mind, we founded the Volunteer Advisory Committee to encourage autonomy and to provide employees with an opportunity to engage in enriching programs that will exude their strengths and knowledge to those that are in need. The Committee is compromised of The Sponsor, The Manager, The Champion, and the employee volunteers.

Organizations we've supported:

“Cooperative Systems is a dedicated community partner of PJ Day for the Kids, supporting children fighting cancer in Connecticut! While this statewide initiative has raised over $2 million, and has over 200 businesses participants, Cooperative Systems has been participating since 2016, when the event was still just a small grassroots fundraiser. At a time when I was begging others to support this cause, Cooperative Systems sought us out. They’ve continued to participate for the last 6 years with heart and soul, for all the right reasons, and asking for nothing in return! This is the kind of company that we need more of!”

Tara Wesoloskie
Co-Founder of PJ Day for the Kids
Connecticut Children’s RN

Do you have a passion for technology and giving back to a tight knit community?