We are in unique times with the COVID-19 crisis.

We are in unique times with the COVID-19 crisis.

With life on hold, businesses operating with employees who are working from home, and cancelations of schools, events, and other activities it can be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

You are not alone if you’re struggling to make sense of it all.

As part of that, we felt it important to encourage you and keep you updated on the decisions we’re making for the safety of our staff and customers.

First, your business will be ready. Because of our proven process to help businesses operate with a remote workforce, your company will benefit from the best IT support during this uncertain time. We designed our systems to operate with a remote workforce and our staff remains dedicated to serving you, both while working remote or working in our company offices. We encourage our staff to stay home if they are not feeling well and have also informed them to tend to their childcare and other needs while working from home. We’re also doing things like:

  • Following CDC recommendations.
  • Allowing staff to work from home or from the office.
  • Keeping on-site interactions to a minimum.
  • Encouraging remote meetings or conference calls.

Second, you are important. We’re making the best decisions possible with you in mind and taking your technology decisions seriously. We plan on communicating regularly via email and our company blog in order to share updated information in the approach that will best protect our staff and yours. We’ve been preparing our team for a variety of contingencies and are ensuring we have the correct processes in place. We’re focusing on things like ensuring your service and support won’t be interrupted because we’re re-assigning staff and prioritizing immediate business support needs. We’re also allocating internal infrastructure and setup of remote tools.

Third, we are dedicated to you. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as we can and will be dedicated to you during this time because our team has the technology and tools to do their job securely from any location. We’re making decisions like when to work remotely, eliminating non-critical travel, and adhering to wisdom from authorities. There will be no interruptions to your IT and technology services. If that expectation changes, we will openly communicate these to you and your company.

Because every business/organization is unique with respect to their technology and business continuity needs, here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Do I have a business continuity plan?
  • Have I determined who my essential employees are?
  • How will my employees work if the office or building is closed for a prolonged period of time?
  • Have I communicated the business continuity plan with all staff and set expectations?
  • Do all employees that are working from home have the software, hardware, tools, and access to line-of-business applications to be productive?
  • Can our remote access method handle an increased demand in the event of a disaster?
  • How will our VoIP/phone system be handled and will incoming calls be routed?
  • Do we have a standardized video conferencing system like Microsoft Teams or Zoom for internal meetings?

Lastly, your patience would mean a lot to us. Our team and support technicians are the best in the business, and they love solving your technology issues. That said, they are already seeing an increase in requests for business continuity related questions. These increased requests might have an impact on support levels and project delivery. We are only asking for a little patience as we process these support requests. Additionally, whenever possible, we are going to limit the amount of on-site client visits by our support team to emergencies or high priority items.

As your Technology Advisor, it’s our goal to manage and secure technology so you can drive your business. We will continue to live by that mantra during these unique times.

Best Regards,

Bob DeLisa