December 8th Cybersecurity Summit – Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Miss It 

Cybersecurity is an imperative, but often overlooked aspect of your business. As we approach the new normal of remote work, with 35% of American employees working from home full-time, IT experts are urging businesses owners to get comfortable with understanding their business infrastructure and investing in a full-scale, robust cybersecurity program. As convenient as it…

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The Importance of Compliance Regulations in the Financial Services Industry

Banking Regulations and Compliance

Compliance regulations help to promote transparency and fairness in financial transactions. They keep the financial system stable and secure, providing important support for the overall economy.   What is the Relationship Between Compliance and Cybersecurity?  There is a close relationship between compliance and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity risks can lead to compliance problems, and compliance problems can lead…

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What is NIST and Why Should I Care?

NIST Framework Image

You’ve heard other Managed Service Providers (MSPS) boasting about being NIST certified or following the NIST framework when applying cybersecurity programs, but you might have one question:  What does that mean to me?  The difference is night and day; it could mean everything.  NIST 101  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), originating from…

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Data Privacy Champions!

Cooperative Systems Joins a Nationwide Global Effort to Support Data Privacy Day by Signing On as a Champion Organizations across the world are generating awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. January 26, 2022 – Today we’re announcing our commitment to being a Champion of Data Privacy (CDPD) and increasing…

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HIPAA Compliance: A 5 Step-Guide to keep you out of the HIPAA doghouse

More and more physicians and healthcare providers are transitioning to digital records from paper. The benefits of going to digital records are endless and include savings on time and physical storage needs. Sharing records digitally also increases staff efficiencies. Physicians can share lifesaving patient info with other doctors with just the click of a button.  …

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