Since 1993, Cooperative Systems has assisted small and medium businesses across New England to achieve their goals with the use of technology through their NOAH services.



As a strategic IT partner to our clients, our mission is to assist them in achieving their business goals through exceptional customer service and support, tailored and cost-effective solutions, and a consultative approach to their unique business needs.


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Our NOAH managed technology services proactively monitor and maintain clients’ environments 24x7x365, and we provide clients with one number to call for all IT related problems and questions. NOAH solutions from Cooperative Systems are tailored to each client’s current needs and adapt as needs change. With a special focus on cybersecurity and a strong network of partners, clients can rely on Cooperative Systems to stay vigilant and keep their organization ahead of the threats landscape.


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History of Cooperative Systems

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An entrepreneurial spirit with a business education and an IT background

Bob DeLisa has always held an entrepreneurial spirit. He came from a family of self-starters and chose to study entrepreneurship in college. He began a career after school, during the “PC and Internet Revolution”, as a systems administrator for several large companies where he gained expertise in the IT field. He transitioned into a senior engineering role at a small IT consulting firm, but still held onto the dream of starting his own business.

Filling an untapped niche with blended best-in-class solutions

At the time, in the early ‘90s, the company Bob worked for started to transition into a national firm through acquisition. Bob realized that this was his opportunity to break away and pursue his entrepreneurial goal. Through his IT and business experience, he recognized a gap in the market for a provider with an unbiased view of technology vendors. He reached out to partners that could help him offer dynamic, comprehensive services that could be tailored to each unique business. This was the beginning of Cooperative Systems.

25 years of growth, innovation, and leadership

Since its conception, Cooperative Systems has grown organically as a trusted technology consultant and business partner. It has matured over time, building its customer base and enhancing its quality, its breadth of offerings, and its team’s depth and expertise along the way. Bob grew his leadership team with the addition of Scott Spatz, President of Cooperative Systems, in 2001 and Steve Martocchio, VP of Operations, in 2006. This really propelled the company’s productivity and growth to where it is today. The company has grown its service radius on this path as well, which led to the opening of a service office in the Greater Boston Area.


Originated with traditional break-fix methodology

Cooperative Systems’ approach to IT used to be reactive. Before 2006, the company operated as a break-fix provider like most other IT companies at that time. Operating under this model meant that customers would call when something wasn’t working and a technician would be sent out at that point to fix things. The Cooperative Systems leadership team realized that there was a great opportunity in the market for much better service. They wanted to become the trusted technology advisor for businesses and knew their forward thinking expertise would provide tremendous value to clients. Uniquely preventative network and hardware maintenance, faster response, and up-to-the-minute asset inventory could all be offered under this revised model alongside that partnership they’d bring. Adopting this revised model would no doubt allow them to better focus on those long-term relationships with clients to garner more satisfaction from Cooperative Systems’ services than ever before.

Transition from reactive to preventative

By 2006, the leadership team was sitting down to map out this new service delivery model. It was during that time that Network Observation and Health (NOAH) was born. NOAH flipped the break-fix model on its head by focusing on proactive system monitoring and maintenance. There could be that focus they had wanted to achieve on preventing problems from occurring, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency for their clients.

Since then, Cooperative Systems has continually developed the NOAH suite of services, including but not limited to:

Ticketing and a customer portal
Comprehensive cloud solutions
VoIP and unified communications
Advanced security by way of encryption, SIEM, multi-factor authentication, and data loss prevention
Security awareness training
Disaster recovery services including redundant internet and backup
Customer-specific automation
Technology business reviews
E-signature and other authentication services
… and beyond!

Proactive monitoring and maintenance prevails

Today, Cooperative Systems’ NOAH platform monitors and maintains the environment of thousands of users with its next-generation multi-layered blend of solutions and services.

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Bob DeLisa

Founder & CEO

Bob is a Hartford native. He’s the Founder and CEO of Cooperative Systems. He holds a degree from Babson College where he majored in finance and entrepreneurship. He has always been interested in teaching others how to use technology. Programs in the 1980s for teaching college level curriculum were scarce or non-existent, so he decided to go into the business world and apply and develop his IT knowledge. He did so at companies such as Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance, United Technologies/Otis Elevator, and GE Capital before finally venturing off on his own to create the NOAH Managed Services model.

As principal consultant, Bob has been an advisor to numerous banks, credit unions, hospitals, schools, municipalities, and private enterprises in the areas of security, IT infrastructure, and network systems. Bob is recognized for increasing businesses’ efficiencies and productivity with the intelligent use of technology.

In his free time, Bob enjoys being with family and friends. He leads an active lifestyle enjoying the outdoors, the seashore, tennis and golf. During baseball season he is all about the Red Sox and he will be donning his colors around the office…Go Sox!