Since 1993, Cooperative Systems has assisted small and medium businesses across New England to achieve their goals with the use of technology through their NOAH services.



As a strategic IT partner to our clients, our mission is to assist them in achieving their business goals through exceptional customer service and support, tailored and cost-effective solutions, and a consultative approach to their unique business needs.


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Our NOAH managed technology services proactively monitor and maintain clients’ environments 24x7x365, and we provide clients with one number to call for all IT related problems and questions. NOAH solutions from Cooperative Systems are tailored to each client’s current needs and adapt as needs change. With a special focus on cybersecurity and a strong network of partners, clients can rely on Cooperative Systems to stay vigilant and keep their organization ahead of the threats landscape.


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History of Cooperative Systems

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An entrepreneurial spirit with a business education and an IT background

Bob DeLisa has always held an entrepreneurial spirit. He came from a family of self-starters and chose to study entrepreneurship in college. He began a career after school, during the “PC and Internet Revolution”, as a systems administrator for several large companies where he gained expertise in the IT field. He transitioned into a senior engineering role at a small IT consulting firm, but still held onto the dream of starting his own business.

Filling an untapped niche with blended best-in-class solutions

At the time, in the early ‘90s, the company Bob worked for started to transition into a national firm through acquisition. Bob realized that this was his opportunity to break away and pursue his entrepreneurial goal. Through his IT and business experience, he recognized a gap in the market for a provider with an unbiased view of technology vendors. He reached out to partners that could help him offer dynamic, comprehensive services that could be tailored to each unique business. This was the beginning of Cooperative Systems.

25 years of growth, innovation, and leadership

Since its conception, Cooperative Systems has grown organically as a trusted technology consultant and business partner. It has matured over time, building its customer base and enhancing its quality, its breadth of offerings, and its team’s depth and expertise along the way. Bob grew his leadership team with the addition of Scott Spatz, President of Cooperative Systems, in 2001 and Steve Martocchio, VP of Operations, in 2006. This really propelled the company’s productivity and growth to where it is today. The company has grown its service radius on this path as well, which led to the opening of a service office in the Greater Boston Area.


Originated with traditional break-fix methodology

Cooperative Systems’ approach to IT used to be reactive. Before 2006, the company operated as a break-fix provider like most other IT companies at that time. Operating under this model meant that customers would call when something wasn’t working and a technician would be sent out at that point to fix things. The Cooperative Systems leadership team realized that there was a great opportunity in the market for much better service. They wanted to become the trusted technology advisor for businesses and knew their forward thinking expertise would provide tremendous value to clients. Uniquely preventative network and hardware maintenance, faster response, and up-to-the-minute asset inventory could all be offered under this revised model alongside that partnership they’d bring. Adopting this revised model would no doubt allow them to better focus on those long-term relationships with clients to garner more satisfaction from Cooperative Systems’ services than ever before.

Transition from reactive to preventative

By 2006, the leadership team was sitting down to map out this new service delivery model. It was during that time that Network Observation and Health (NOAH) was born. NOAH flipped the break-fix model on its head by focusing on proactive system monitoring and maintenance. There could be that focus they had wanted to achieve on preventing problems from occurring, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency for their clients.

Since then, Cooperative Systems has continually developed the NOAH suite of services, including but not limited to:

Ticketing and a customer portal
Comprehensive cloud solutions
VoIP and unified communications
Advanced security by way of encryption, SIEM, multi-factor authentication, and data loss prevention
Security awareness training
Disaster recovery services including redundant internet and backup
Customer-specific automation
Technology business reviews
E-signature and other authentication services
… and beyond!

Proactive monitoring and maintenance prevails

Today, Cooperative Systems’ NOAH platform monitors and maintains the environment of thousands of users with its next-generation multi-layered blend of solutions and services.

Bob alt Snorkeling

Bob DeLisa

Founder & CEO

Bob is a Hartford native. He’s the Founder and CEO of Cooperative Systems. He holds a degree from Babson College where he majored in finance and entrepreneurship. He has always been interested in teaching others how to use technology. Programs in the 1980s for teaching college level curriculum were scarce or non-existent, so he decided to go into the business world and apply and develop his IT knowledge. He did so at companies such as Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance, United Technologies/Otis Elevator, and GE Capital before finally venturing off on his own to create the NOAH Managed Services model.

As principal consultant, Bob has been an advisor to numerous banks, credit unions, hospitals, schools, municipalities, and private enterprises in the areas of security, IT infrastructure, and network systems. Bob is recognized for increasing businesses’ efficiencies and productivity with the intelligent use of technology.

In his free time, Bob enjoys being with family and friends. He leads an active lifestyle enjoying the outdoors, the seashore, tennis and golf. During baseball season he is all about the Red Sox and he will be donning his colors around the office…Go Sox!


Scott Spatz


Scott grew up in Tolland, CT, and resides in the neighboring town of Bolton. He started getting involved with computer networks in college while working part-time for a local IT consultant to provide support and advisory services to small businesses. In the midst of developing his skill sets and forming relationships, Scott was introduced to Bob DeLisa, for whom he began to work after graduating from Bryant College.

Scott has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. He enjoys the challenge of staying on top of the variety of technologies available, exploring what their purpose is and determining where they fit. He most enjoys evaluating those technologies on behalf of clients and implementing solutions that benefit clients’ businesses to help them grow and be profitable.

Scott is our lead consultant and advisor for our automotive industry clients. He grew up around an auto dealer business and is a real “car guy”, passionate about the latest and greatest marvels of the auto world. At a time when computers were just starting to be implemented in dealerships, Scott developed a computer infrastructure for a large multi-location automotive dealership.

Scott enjoys spending free time with his wife and two boys, playing at the beach or around the yard. He squeezes time in for golfing, skiing, and (of course) the never-ending house projects.

Steve Martocchio

Vice President Operations

Steve is a Connecticut native and lives in Newington. He joined the CoopSys team in 2006 and has been in IT for over 20 years. Steve is our primary consultant for the financial industry. He started working in banking as a part-time teller in junior high school. He would quickly advance to a Customer Service Representative in 1995 and found himself in charge of a teller system conversion. During the conversion, renovations of the office forced him to break down hardware and set it up again after renovations were completed. Shortly after the completion of the project, Steve moved into a Junior Tech position and a year later was promoted to a senior level position of Support Manager for American Savings. In 2001 Steve served as Systems Vice President for Bank North and he supported all the Connecticut locations.

Steve met Bob DeLisa through banking projects and in 2006 came on board with Cooperative Systems to manage operations. As a leader, Steve raises the bar and inspires his team to do the same. He leads by example, maintaining high moral character and integrity: Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

On weekends you can find Steve entertaining family and friends around the pool, playing cards with the neighbors, enjoying a Jimmy Buffett concert, or getting the party started with his DJ biz he’s had for over 20 years.

Diane Smith

HR Manager

Diane grew up in East Hartford and currently resides in Manchester, CT. She holds a degree in Business Management from Central Connecticut State University, and has been in Accounting and Human Resource Management for over 15 years.

Diane began her career as a bookkeeper for the largest car dealer in New England. She left to join CoopSys in 2008, where she knew she could strike a better balance between work and family. Diane is truly a people person. She is supportive, empathetic, caring, and compassionate. She’s a real number cruncher, too, keeping CoopSys balanced. Diane is a model team player and enjoys creating a productive work environment.

A joiner at heart, Diane is actively involved in her children’s education as PTO President, her church, and various volunteer activities for local needs. She has some serious baking skills, too, holding a third place medal in the CT Cake Competition.

Ed Gaffey

Service Desk Manager

Ed grew up in Burlington, MA, and slowly migrated Southwest over the past 25 years. He has been in information technology for almost 10 years after making a career change from logistics and sporting goods sales. He joined the CoopSys team in 2011.

Ed has a knack for organization and time management, and he is extraordinarily thorough in keeping clients updated while troubleshooting. He holds a variety of certifications, including: A+, Network +, MCP, and Apple Mobility.

When Ed is not behind his multiple computer monitors helping users, he enjoys time with his family, preferably somewhere in the great outdoors. He is an avid skier, kayaker, backpacker, camper, and all around outdoor enthusiast.

AlexP alt soccer

Alex Paniagua

Systems Engineer

Alex was born in El Salvador, Central America, and came to the US in 1990 during the Salvadorian civil war. He has been in information technology for almost 20 years and joined Cooperative Systems in 2005.

Prior to joining CoopSys, Alex worked as a tech specialist where he honed his valuable skills as a great listener. He learned how to communicate with users in an understandable, non-tech language and appreciates cooperation in the troubleshooting process.

Alex is adventurous by nature and enjoys taking on new challenges. He has the zeal and impetus required to serve others with excellence.

In his free time, Alex enjoys playing sports, especially soccer. His favorite color is orange, which is not surprising since he exudes such positive energy!

line on playing field

Brandon Zavatsky

Systems Engineer

Brandon has lived in CT most his life after moving here from MD when he was just 4 years old. He has spent the majority of his IT career at TD Bank developing and growing in various technology-related roles. He quickly learned the ins and outs of their systems as a field service technician before he was promoted to Group Manager. As the company grew, so did he in his new role. Soon he became the US Infrastructure Lead, guiding teams through enterprise workspace upgrade projects. Later in his TD Bank employment he oversaw teams in both the US and Canada as Senior Manager.

When he joined CoopSys in 2018 he brought with him over 20 years of IT experience. Brandon truly believes it’s important to understand the entire environment, end-to-end, in order to properly support it while delivering the best possible user/customer experience possible. This approach to business technology matches Cooperative Systems’ overarching belief that the IT solutions of a business need to match the requirements and needs of the business in order for both the systems and the company to be successful.

Brandon is the director of the girls’ lacrosse program in his town where he coaches as well. He spends a lot of his spare time helping grow the sport. Playing lacrosse was a passion of his when he was younger, so the experience of paying it forward and watching today’s youth develop and grow is second to none for him. Brandon enjoys spending time with his daughter, being outdoors, and riding his motorcycle when time permits.

Brian Zbriger

Service Desk Technician

Brian grew up in Trumbull, CT. He initially pursued a career as a sociology professor through studies at UMass Amherst, UMass Lowell, and Binghamton University in upstate NY. Teaching and research brought him as far as Argentina, Malaysia, and Japan. In 2017, he decided he wanted to settle closer to home and began a new career in IT. He worked in desktop support at large enterprise clients in the Hartford area before joining Cooperative Systems in 2019.

Brian is driven in his work by insatiable curiosity. He is eager to learn everything he can about the tools and infrastructure that clients depend on. He is equally interested in understanding people and organizations, seeking insights into how clients work and how technology can help them meet their goals.

When Brian is not in the office, he enjoys spending as much time as possible in the outdoors, in the mountains or at the beach. He can often be found hiking on the New England Trail network with his wife. He enjoys reading, especially history, and loves visiting libraries and museums.

Bruce alt Boston

Bruce Murphy

Systems Engineer

Bruce has been part of the Cooperative Systems team since 2005.

We can’t wait to tell you more about Bruce!

Shield for Captain America

Dan Roberts

Service Desk Technician

Dan grew up in Burlington, CT, and recently made his way across the river to Ellington. His experience with technology comes from personal interest in an ever-developing field of study and progress. Starting with a degree in psychology and a minor in security and intelligence studies, Dan made his way through by stagehand/set-building for his college theater (as well as acting), landscaping at a golf course, and working at an electronics retail store as an inventory specialist before eventually going to a financial advising firm as desktop support. It was here that Dan decided he’d found his ideal career path and hopes now to one day specialize in network security.
He has been a part of the CoopSys team since 2018.

Dan’s greatest strength is his ability to retain knowledge quickly; his near-to eidetic memory makes patterns and logic-paths click a bit easier for him, which helps significantly when working with technology. 

In his free time Dan can usually be found playing video games on either Playstation or PC, binge watching a show recommended by a friend, or watching online videos pertaining to furthering his knowledge in the realm of IT. Otherwise, Dan enjoys hiking, yardwork/landscaping, home improvement projects, and telling dad jokes like it’s his job. Speaking of which… Why does the computer not like it’s commute? Because it has a hard drive!

David Krupienski

Service Desk Technician

Dave is awesome!
He has been a CoopSys team member since 2016.

We can’t wait to tell you more about him!

Greg kids beach

Greg Gulko

Automation Engineer

Greg grew up in Poland and came to the U.S. in 2003, joining his parents and a sibling. He has been educating himself in the field of information technology for over 15 years. He joined Cooperative Systems in 2008.

As lead automation engineer, he possesses acute attention to detail, unequaled focus, and is a master at solving information technology riddles and difficult networking issues. Nothing gets past Greg! He’s a people-pleaser in the best way and loves optimizing machines to make clients’ lives easier. Also, his bilingual skills come in handy when servicing Polish-speaking clients. 

Greg is a skilled carpenter and often spends his free time on home improvement projects. He enjoys spending time with his wife, his two sons, and his chocolate lab named Royal. In his free time you can find him fishing, golfing, basketball, or messing around with open source software.

Josh Oliva

Systems Engineer

Josh is a Connecticut native and would not give up the four seasons for anything. He has been working in IT for over 10 years, and he joined the CoopSys team in 2014. Josh is a Branford Hall graduate. Prior to joining the CoopSys team, Josh worked in helpdesk support and web development for GHDSI, Traveler’s, and Pratt & Whitney.

Josh continues his passion of education through experiential learning and solving issues that others aren’t able to. He enjoys hard work and the variety of technologies and client industries he gets to interact with on the CoopSys helpdesk regularly.

When he’s away from CoopSys Josh can be found tinkering with his car, traveling, camping, and hanging with his doggie family and friends. Josh is an animal lover and contributes resources to local needs. He’s also a Rubik’s Cube master and a black belt in kenpo…wow!

Ryan Amb

Service Desk Technician

Ryan hails from Meriden, CT, where he was born and raised. He now lives on the other end of town from where he grew up, but he is still a local. He studied Computer Science at Southern Connecticut State University (“SCSU”). Before joining Cooperative Systems in 2017, he worked as a help desk technician at another managed IT support organization. Prior to that he gained experience as a systems administrator while with Barberino Nissan.

Ryan’s interest in computers stems from his appreciation for video games. Specifically, he spent many hours repairing games and systems whenever they broke and actually enjoyed doing it. He loves to problem-solve, and considers it to be among his biggest strengths. He likes to look into issues, find the variables, and work out the solutions. What he enjoys most is the ability to help others in this process, and says that it always feels good to fix a problem for someone.

In Ryan’s spare time he likes to play video games, primarily on the PC, and also enjoys playing the guitar.


Terence Kelly

Service Desk Technician

Terence was born and raised in Coventry, CT. According to him, there wasn’t much to do besides spending time outside or petting the cows. This is what led him to some of his current favorite hobbies, which include rock climbing, archery, and obstacle course challenges.

Terence received a BS in Biology and was on a pre-med track before he decided that it wasn’t for him. After learning more about information technology he decided he would pursue a career in the field full-time, which is what led him to Cooperative Systems in 2019.  His long-term IT goal is to become a network engineer.

Terence is not afraid of a good challenge and, as a result of that, is able to learn and adapt quickly. As a service technician, he enjoys the day-to-day opportunities where he can make real-time positive impacts on clients’ lives. Simultaneously, he appreciates that there is a deep bench behind him to not only troubleshoot tough problems but also help him advance his career by way of those problem-solving scenarios.

Terence is a huge Rolling Stones fan. He is proud to share that he even got to meet Keith Richards before (outside of a public concert venue)! He’s been to over 20 concerts, the first of which was Def Lepperd back when he was 11. Other fun facts: He has been skydiving and he’d do it again. He can stick both his feet behind his head at the same time. Oh, and his next vacation will be to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and he is pret-ty excited about it. 

Thomas Feltes

Project Engineer

Tom grew up in the town of Glencoe IL, north of Chicago, and graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, IA with a BA in Psychology.  Leaving his midwestern roots, he moved to San Francisco where his fascination with technology quickly moved from a passionate hobby to an enthusiastic career.  Gaining certification in Computer Operations and Systems Analysis & Design, he started his profession in Information Technology which has continued for over 25 years.

Before joining Cooperative Systems, Tom worked for 11 years at Microsoft as a Premier Support Engineer, helping both individuals and large corporations with the Windows client and server operating systems and Exchange email server, specializing in networking.  After that, Tom worked for 15 years at Henkel corporation, a global company with over 50K employees, before becoming an independent IT contractor, working with project consulting companies as well as Managed Service Providers on both small- and large-scale operations and projects. Tom is passionate about delivering quality services, always with the business’ goals and end-users in mind.  His analytical troubleshooting and issue resolution skills along with his clear customer focus always serves his clients well.

Tom hobbies include reading, cards, and music.  He plays piano (poorly) and guitar (well, as long as he’s practiced recently), and will usually give most instruments a try if given the chance!  His ideal weekend is time spent with his family – wife Katherine, sons Nick, Noah, Luke, and daughter Gaura.

Dave Fluckiger

Account Manager

Dave is a Connecticut native who raised his children in Tolland but now resides in Woodstock, the “quiet corner” of the state. Dave has almost 20 years of account management experience, with a focus on IT for over 10 of those.

Dave’s start in account management was for a worldwide research company providing intellectual property research for innovation companies. This is where resolving customer needs became his passion. He moved into IT consulting where he immersed himself in technology. Building relationships and helping clients to solve complicated business issues by way of IT became fun! With a vast set of technology options available to organizations, Dave’s specialty is matching those to individual business needs while balancing cost. It is this balance that brought Dave to Cooperative Systems in 2017.

In his spare time, Dave and his wife enjoy the outdoors and many active pastimes. Wilderness canoe tripping, hiking, fly fishing, cycling, and working on many home projects are among these. Another big passion of his is motorcycle touring. Dave and his wife have been all over the Eastern US and parts of Canada, including Nova Scotia and Cape Bretton Island.

john paul dragon 350 headshot
jp dragon - alt

John Paul Dragon

Sales Development Representative

JP is originally from Jupiter, Florida. He started his career in sales by “cutting his teeth” selling cars, and then moved from B2C sales to B2B when he accepted an outside sales position at Unifirst Corporation. He joined the Cooperative Systems team in 2019.

He works hard to be a great listener and effective communicator. He loves to meet new people and learn about how their respective businesses operate and use technology.

When he is not working, JP enjoys surfing, scuba-diving, and playing the guitar. He’s a music lover and even spent time working with the School of Rock back when he lived in Florida.

Jessica Dean

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Jessica grew up in Chicopee, MA, and lives in Longmeadow, MA, with her husband and children. She has been working in customer service and administration for over 15 years and joined the CoopSys team in 2014.

In addition to being extremely detail-oriented and reliable, Jessica has a knack for handling difficult situations calmly and she always follows through to resolution.

Off hours you can find Jessica out and about or just curled up with a good book. She spends lots of time with her family visiting museums and finding fun activities to do. When she is not working at Coopsys, you can probably find her at a Disney Park or planning her next trip. 

sean terry alt

Sean Terry

Account Executive

Sean lived in Fairfax, VA for the first 5 years of his life before his family relocated to North Andover, MA. He’s lived in quite a few places though: MA, NH, CT, NJ, NY, IA, MN and CA – He now lives on an old farm in Killingly, CT!

When he was a sophomore in high school he transferred to The Northwood School in Lake Placid, NY to pursue a high-level hockey career. After being drafted by the Des Moines Buccaneers of the United States Hockey League, he moved to Iowa to play for them. Unfortunately he sustained multiple, progressively worse and ultimately career ending injuries during this time. When the scholarship offers dried up and the interest from professional teams and agents began to disappear due to the injuries, he played D3 hockey for Suffolk University (Boston, MA) and then Augsburg College (Minneapolis, MN) but after 2.5 years decided to pull the plug and focus on his professional career.

After 12 years in various roles in the wide world of real estate and owning and operating an industry magazine in Boston…it was time to move on from real estate. He has always been interested in the tech field and can picture himself remaining in it for the duration of his career. He believes that his strongest contributions lay in the development of high-level professional relationships with other businesses. He loves to help people and is a team player who is always ready to lend a hand in whatever task needs to be tackled.  

When not at Coopsys his favorite activity is to spend time with his family – especially his wife, young daughter and their two dogs. He also LOVES to play golf. He is a seasoned traveler having been skiing in the Swiss & Italian Alps, he also spent a month in Zermatt, Switzerland. Seeing the Matterhorn was one of his most incredible experiences and he can’t wait to bring his family back to see it!

Jessica Middleton

Accounting Administrator

Jessica was born in West Hartford, CT, and currently lives in Canton, CT. She did, however, briefly reside in Arizona as well as Florida after graduating from college. At CCSU she majored in Anthropology and minored in Mathematics. She was originally a Math major, but she detested theoretical math so she shifted her degree. Jessica truly enjoys working with formulas and numbers.

Prior to joining CoopSys in 2015 she gained experience at a bank as an introduction to the finance industry. She worked here through college and thereafter partnered with Accountemps in small bookkeeping roles. At times, accounting felt like detective work, which kept it interesting and fun (yes, FUN).

Jessica is a certified scuba diver, an amateur photographer, and a world traveler. She aims to visit every continent before she is 32, with the exception of Antarctica (which she plans to visit by the time she is 50). She is well on her way towards that goal — only 3 continents to go! She enjoys motorcycle rides and day trips around New England when the weather is warm. She’s an avid reader of historical fiction and Archaeology Magazine. Jessica is a self-proclaimed “cat lady”.