Choose your MSP Wisely!

How To Choose Your MSP Wisely 

You’ve finally decided after much research that your business needs an MSP. The search is getting more and more difficult, and you’re wondering after digging through local listings for a few days if you should just give up and hire an in-house expert. After considering how technology can shape the lifespan of your business, you conclude that you don’t have the budget to hire internally, but you also have no idea how to find a “good” MSP.  

How can you, if you don’t know what to look for? 

How to find the right MSP for your business 

Choosing an MSP to undertake your entire company’s IT services and technological direction is a heavy task, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. As you shop around, consider the following: 

  1. Do they specialize in your industry? 

Does the MSP you’re interested in understanding the unique technological needs of your business and wider industry? If not, it could pose a future problem. Without knowledge of your industry’s technological standards, an MSP can’t help you grow. Sure, they can support you as you are now, maybe not as effectively as other providers, but you’ll be restrained to your current size and outreach. Understanding and being well-versed in the common software and compliance requirements for your business’s industry is quintessential to being properly supported.  

  1. How many services do they offer? 

They say a wider net catches more fish, but that is not the case with managed services. If the provider you’re interested in is offering a wide variety of services outside of MSP services, then they’re spread thin. This takes away from the attention and quality of specialized service your business needs to be fully protected and supported. Your business isn’t selling hot dogs and real estate, is it? 

  1. Are they excited about taking your company on? 

An effective MSP will always be asking just as many questions as you. They want to know more about your company, your background, your goals, and what you’re currently struggling with. It’s a key piece in understanding what the best IT strategy is for you, and how to implement it. If it’s mostly just you talking and not a whole lot of interaction being given back, then move on; they can’t give you the foundation to grow if they don’t want to know more. 

  1. Are they proactive in their IT approach? 

When we think of IT, we usually picture bored service workers answering the phone and asking if you “turned it on and off again”. Sitting and waiting for something to break before acting is called the “break-fix” approach, and it will get your business nowhere. The right MSP will always look for ways to improve your technology standing and meet your business goals, prepare recovery plans in the event of a future crisis, and store backups of all your data. None of these elements are technically “broken”, but they’re able to withstand unforeseen damage.  

  1. Do they bill by the hour? 

Avoid providers who have an hourly payment model. Proactive MSPs with a flat fee are more beneficial in the long run because they’re inclined to make sure your business stays up and running, rather than only being paid when something is broken.  

As a business owner, your time shouldn’t be taken up by figuring out your technology. With the right MSP, you can finally redirect your time and attention to making the most of your business without any technological mishaps and headaches. Just make sure you know the right factors to consider when choosing your provider. 

If you’re an SMB in the Connecticut or Massachusetts area and are looking for a local, trusted MSP to transform your technological standing, contact us today. We’d be happy to get to know your business and help you create a plan that fits your technological needs.