10 Tips For Website Accessibility: Your Website Accessibility Checklist

When it comes to how your company is being represented online, aesthetics and volume of content are not the only significant factors in how “accessible” you are. Website accessibility should be approached similar to the way an architect needs to look at an office building or other facility. That is, you also need to take…

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National Clean Out Your Computer Day 2020

Every second Monday in February the National Day Calendar reminds us that it is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. This is an official reminder to take inventory of our hardware, software, documents, and apps and channel our inner Marie Kondo. We are antsy to get started on spring cleaning now that Punxsutawney Phil did…

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Speed Up Your WiFi: 3 Ways To Improve Your Business WiFi

how to speed up your wifi router

When you’re trying to figure out how to speed up your WiFi, we always suggest starting with this oh-so-timeless IT advice:Try turning it off, waiting 10 seconds or so, and then turning it back on again. Believe it or not, this simple reboot is often enough to considerably improve WiFi speeds. Reboots don’t need to…

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Prepare For 2020 Cybersecurity Cold War

cybersecurity cold war 2020 threat predictions

One of the leading providers of cybersecurity solutions worldwide, Check Point Software Technologies, released what they think is a 2020 cybersecurity cold war brewing and what that might involve. What they came up with is a shortlist of the possible major cybersecurity events and developments they anticipate will have a serious impact on businesses and…

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Top 3 Holiday Cyber Safety Tips

holiday cyber safety purchasing

Read this before you do any more shopping this season! This year we encourage you, more than ever, to commit to holiday cyber safety. We’ve put together a shortlist of tips to serve as your guide. Be prepared to combat common scams out there so you can keep yourself, your business, and your family safe…

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