10 Key Factors That Make A Bullet Proof Managed Cybersecurity Solution in 2023 

Businesses are getting there – but there is still work to do.

Over the past few years, many businesses across the globe have improved their cybersecurity solutions, yet still about one-third of small businesses are attempting to get by with only a basic level of protection. This isn’t working anymore, as hackers have truly mastered social engineering techniques and continually find new exploits in software and processes.  

In 2021 alone, almost half of small businesses were the victim of a cyberattack. 

In this blog, I am going to discuss how managed cybersecurity solutions can improve your cybersecurity quickly and effectively. The recommendations made here are for small businesses, but mid to large sized companies will also find this information invaluable to their business. 

  1. Managing passwords is arguably the single most important companywide solution you can deploy to improve security across all systems and applications. Tools such as Passportal can keep audit trails of password changes, integrate with multi factor authentication solutions, encrypt all your passwords in transit and at rest, and streamline password updates across your company through password change automation.  
  1. Implement role base access control to limit access to back-end processes and highly sensitive data that is susceptible to hijacking. With a managed password solution, you’ll have the power to apply granular access and provide temporary access only when it is needed to address issues. 
  1. Train your employees by implementing an automated security awareness program. There are many ways to implement security awareness training, but you should look for a managed security awareness solution that can adapt to the needs of your user base.   
  1. Keep your systems up to date. If a poorly configured patch manager downloads the wrong update file, for instance, it might break your application, or even affect your entire PC. It’s important to choose your manager carefully, and ensure you know how to cope if anything goes wrong. 
  1. Backup your data! Data breaches can lead to data loss. And whether accidental or premeditated, data loss brings about serious adverse effects to any business. A securely implemented and managed backup solution is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to bring peace of mind. 
  1. Use the latest security software. The right combination of security software for your endpoint devices and servers should be carefully selected. Having second and third opinion antivirus tools is the norm today and a good management platform is essential to achieve maximum protection. Using vulnerable (out-of-date) software is the number one reason for ransomware attacks. Always use up-to-date endpoint devices. Always use the most up-to-date versions of operating systems (Windows, IOS, Android) and Internet browsers across the company networks.  

We believe a managed cybersecurity solution should be run by an expert that does this as part of their core practice. Therefore, your best option is to partner with a firm that does managed cybersecurity well. Outside of hiring an outside managed cybersecurity firm, you can begin to map out a strategy and work with your security team to carry out the following: 

  1. Invest in cyber insurance. This is an evolving industry and rates have increased dramatically in the past few years, especially since the pandemic. Here is a link on how to choose the best cyber insurance for your business. 
  1. Revamp your outdated policies. Especially look at your BYOD, mobile devices, and incident response plans. Check out this article on the 6 cybersecurity policies every organization must have. 
  1. Create data breach scenarios in a controlled environment and walk through how your team will respond. We call this a tabletop breach exercise and to stay at the top of your game, it should be performed at least annually. 
  1. Finally, if there was only one place to get your information, I would recommend you consult the NIST Cybersecurity Framework guidelines to shore up your cybersecurity weaknesses. There are outside parties that can help, and selecting a strong cybersecurity partner is the best first step in moving towards a safer cyber world. 

If you use an MSP to help manage your IT, make sure they have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the cybersecurity modernization process. A strong and resilient managed cybersecurity solution will adapt over time without the need to overhaul your IT or put your company at great risk.