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IT Monitoring & Management For Business: Are You Prepared for IoT (Internet of Things)

Summer 2018 has arrived! Warmer weather means families are spending time enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, bike rides, and beach days. With less time in the office comes more time on other devices, especially wearable technology like Apple Watches or FitBits. In other words, it is time to think about the Internet of Things and…

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Protect Your Business From Digital Threats

National Small Business Week is April 29 to May 5! According to the United States Small Business Administration, “More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.” You and other small and medium-sized business owners…

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March 31 is World Backup Day 2018

Small and medium-sized business owners must take every precaution against cyberattacks, and being that March 31 is World Backup Day 2018 it is the perfect time to assess the cybersecurity tools in your arsenal. In the current high-threat environment, it is good for business to add as many layers of digital protection as possible. That’s…

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Mobile Safeguarding: The New Malware Prevention Practice

Mobile malware attacks skyrocketed last year. In just the first quarter of 2017, McAfee had already detected more than 1.5 million new incidents of malware specifically targeting mobile devices. By January 2018, Google had removed 60 apps from its Play Store due to malware. As their screen size, speed and performance have increased, smartphones have…

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BankWorld 2018 Podcast Interview

BankWorld 2018 took place this past Friday, January 12th, at Mohegan Sun. Scott Spatz and Megan Lanouette of Cooperative Systems were invited to give insights about Cooperative Systems’ NOAH Outsourced IT, Maintenance, and Security Services for banks and credit unions. Tune in as Scott offers a high-level overview of services that Cooperative Systems offers and…

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Cybersecurity For Business: Five Signs You’ve Been Hacked

January 28 was Data Privacy Day in 2018, which meant the start of a new year – What better time for implementing resolutions and fresh starts?! If you resolved to be more vigilant this year by putting a high priority on your cybersecurity efforts, it is hopefully not too late. That said, we really hope…

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Cybersecurity For Businesses: How To Avoid Technology Security Risks

There’s more to business security than putting in place a firewall and some security software and hoping it wards off attacks and other threats. To achieve this, initial and ongoing testing has to happen and the follow-through thereafter is key. Here’s how to determine if your business is really ready to combat threats and stay…

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Why Does My Business Need A Technology Assessment?

A technology assessment is the basis for a strong foundation and springboard on which to grow your outsourced IT support partnership. Here we tell you why your business genuinely needs one.

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3 Practical Pieces of Cyber Security Wisdom For Your Business To Achieve Ultimate IT Security Success

This article outlines 3 pieces of Cyber Security wisdom for organizations to have success with their IT security solutions and decisions.

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The Top Reasons Why Fax Still Exists

Why is fax not dead yet?! Is our faxing procedure efficient? Are we secure? Faxing won’t be around forever, we predict, but it’s still very relevant today and we have outlined why.

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