A technology plan designed to fuel your company’s success.

Creating Your Technology Optimization Roadmap

Our process entails a collaborative, immersive, holistic assessment designed to maximize your technology for cost reduction, improved productivity, and the ability to scale with your company. Cooperative Systems’ goal is to create a technology environment that does more than support your business; it will drive growth and profitability.  Here’s what our process entails:



Understanding your business, gauging your operational maturity.

The first stage of our process centers around learning everything about your business and IT systems inside and out. We observe, gather information, and inventory your IT applications, infrastructure, systems, network, and business objectives.

We also assess your operational maturity, which is a general measure of the overall consistency, reliability, resilience, coherence, and sophistication of your IT system and your organization’s mindset.

All this information — taking into account your business (including operational scalability, governance, and strategic alignment/business value), and how you currently use technology — gives us a baseline for evaluating your tech and making recommendations.



Outlining the state-of-the-state of your technology.

We pull together all our findings and analyze any gaps, vulnerabilities, chronic performance or productivity problems, and any other uncovered issues. This comprehensive, 360-degree° report details your current technology in depth, including the condition of your network, risk position, and assets. We review these results with you and provide a list of recommendations to align your technology with your company’s needs and goals.

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Creating your technology roadmap

Equipped with our analysis and insight, we create a plan to make your infrastructure and applications stronger, faster, and more secure. This technology roadmap will shape your long-term IT strategy, prioritize needs, establish your budget, and drive all IT activities. The map’s ultimate goal is to help you maximize your return on investment and leverage technology as an enabler of business success.

Once the plan is implemented, you’ll see your team’s productivity soar because they’ll be able to work more efficiently and effectively, without chronic IT issues or disruptions.

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Ongoing business technology management.

This final step focuses on constantly improving on your operations using innovative, customized IT services to support your company’s success. Cooperative Systems continues to work with you, understanding that as the business technology landscape shifts, your Technology Optimization Roadmap needs to change to meet your market and business needs — it’s a “living” process that recognizes the changing dynamics of your technology ecosystem. Our dedicated focus is part of making your IT a competitive advantage in your market.

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