Why Business IT and Technology Doesn’t need To Be Expensive

In the beginning, we all thought, ‘technology is going digital and online, therefore it will be cheaper.’

Sadly, that’s not true and it’s pretty widely accepted. Don’t despair, though.

Just because technology for your business seems like more of a luxury, doesn’t mean it has to have a luxurious price tag.

Great Outsourced IT is possible without breaking the bank.

Business IT and technology.

Does it ever seem like technology is everywhere and because it’s everywhere, your perception is that it’s expensive to manage?

After all, IT and technology for your company encompasses a wide range of different devices and aspects.

For example, your office technology might cover mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, printers, monitors, ethernet-powered lights or your network. Not to mention, when starting an office, one of the most expensive things to invest in is your technology. Without it, it’s hard to operate, it’s easy to fall behind, and technology can be a driving force behind many business decisions.

It’s as Uncle Ben once said in the movie Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Technology is like that. With technology comes responsibility to manage it properly. Your IT and technology is the ultimate business tool can help you become more efficient and productive, but it doesn’t need to be as expensive as you think.

Spending too much for technology you don’t need.

One of the main issues we see with businesses is they pay too much for the wrong things.

…or too little on the right things.

For example, a business may pay for a really high quality physical server, but then pay very little in the way of technology to protect that physical hardware from cybersecurity attacks.

Or, a credit union, bank, or financial institution might pay a premium for cybersecurity software but have a poorly defined process to actually protect their customers data in the event of a cyber attack.

Ideally, you’ll want a IT and technology strategy that solves these problems by identifying what you don’t know and helping you align your IT budgets with what’s best for your business. In a perfect world, you need to have an outsourced IT vendor that builds your IT strategy to make your technology work for your business. This type of outsourced relationship, at least with us, won’t break the bank.

You also have to do the little things right, like getting all your users on the same versions of Office 365, having security protocols established, and processes documented. You also want to make sure all users devices are secured, and can be easily wiped in the event a device goes missing. Security features are extremely important for protecting files from hackers and even other members of your staff. By not doing these little things, you could cost yourself more than you know.

Learning to be more efficient.

One of the best ways to ensure technology isn’t insanely expensive is by learning how to use it efficiently.

Imagine if a task used to take you two hours now only took you two minutes?

If you can quantify that time savings, because of a created efficiency, what’s it worth to you?

Like we mentioned before, companies often times spend far too much on the wrong items, and not enough on the technology pieces that matter most. Often times, not all the time, businesses are lured in with big industry brands and even fooled by “specialists” that recommend the best and most expensive hardware or software. It’s a horrible mindset and it ends up forcing companies to spend more money than they should on pointless features, monitoring software and wasted time.

When it comes to using your technology more efficiently, let’s talk about outdated technology:

  • When was the last time you upgraded your office pc’s, your servers, and/or have you considered the cloud?
  • Why spend thousands on physical servers, along with the space they take up, when you could move your business systems to something virtual?
  • Are you using Microsoft Sharefile as a cloud solution that stores company documents, or are you using the myriad of desktops in your office to store data that ultimately needs a backup solution to avoid losing critical company documents? (think of Microsoft Sharefile as Dropbox for businesses, only bigger, better, and less costly)
  • What if a backup sync didn’t backup data from one of your physical machines and list your entire years worth of financials or client/customer information?
  • How are users storing data while mobile? Are they able to easily sync data from a great cloud solution like Sharefile, or are they struggling because of an inefficient roadblock?
  • How would not using this technology correctly impact your business?

By investing in the right IT infrastructure, and leveraging it more efficiently, you become more productive and can tackle the tasks inside your company that make sense.

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