Choose your MSP Wisely!

Business Owner reviewing Hartford Area Managed Service Provider Options

How To Choose Your MSP Wisely  You’ve finally decided after much research that your business needs an MSP. The search is getting more and more difficult, and you’re wondering after digging through local listings for a few days if you should just give up and hire an in-house expert. After considering how technology can shape…

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Your Staff Needs Security Awareness Training

Office staff receiving Security Awareness Training

Your business is already compromised by insider threats  You don’t need a computer science degree to know you don’t want your data leaked.   As modern technology emerges at a breakneck pace and skews the playing field, criminals are always one step ahead with complex, harder-to-detect cyber threats. However, even with their expertise, the chances of…

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What is the Dark Web?

Hacker searching the dark web

We use the internet every day for a multitude of reasons — Email, social media, or even fact-checking something you said earlier in a conversation. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are popular websites we often find ourselves gravitating to whenever we’re bored, and with it, we assume we can see everything going on in the world.…

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Cybersecurity for Financial Industries

Cybersecurity MUST be a top priority for the financial services industries.   Your data is always at risk of being exposed in a widespread company breach.  Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions must work diligently to be prepared for the cyber threats of tomorrow, even as they become more advanced and complex. This includes meeting…

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Beware of These 3 Trending Social Engineering Scams

What is social engineering  As more businesses transition to remote work and operating from a cloud, threat actors have discovered the biggest weak point in their cybersecurity—the employees.   Social engineering is a tactic used by criminals designed to abuse human emotions such as empathy or fear to convince an unsuspecting victim to do any desired…

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What is NIST and Why Should I Care?

NIST Framework Image

You’ve heard other Managed Service Providers (MSPS) boasting about being NIST certified or following the NIST framework when applying cybersecurity programs, but you might have one question:  What does that mean to me?  The difference is night and day; it could mean everything.  NIST 101  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), originating from…

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