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Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Do you know every web application your employees are using? There is a high probability that your workforce is utilizing many devices and applications without explicit approval. Collectively, these programs and devices are called Shadow IT. Shadow IT is essentially any application employees download or IT service they sign up for without vetting by your…

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Top 3 Reasons Why A Third-Party IT Assessment Is A Good Investment For Your Business

How can you make smart decisions for your company without all the information to do so? A third-party IT assessment, or technology assessment, is an evaluation from a source outside of your company that gives you a full picture of your current technology disposition. On top of this, it will hone in on any events…

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Is It Time For A Network Assessment?

When was the last time your business underwent a network assessment? As a business decision-maker, there are many moving parts to keep track of, and IT monitoring can easily fall through the cracks until something breaks. This approach can lead to unexpected expenses and business downtime. With a network assessment, you can anticipate and plan…

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Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are a serious threat to any size business. For a small business, a ransomware attack can even result in the company going out of business. Last year, ransomware was found to be the most prevalent form of malware connected to company data breaches; cybersecurity provider Malwarebytes cited a staggering 90 percent increase in…

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Small Business Cybersecurity Risks Are Real

Connecticut’s first state-wide cybersecurity survey was conducted in the fall by CBIA alongside select partners including us to assess small businesses’ awareness of cybersecurity risks and how they are preparing and protecting themselves. We felt it important to share not only because of our involvement in this effort and CBIA’s work, but also because we…

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Disaster Recovery Planning: What Happens If You Lose Customer Data?

We have all heard the horror stories of simple mistakes that lead to costly business disasters. A link that was clicked on that shouldn’t have been. An attachment that was opened when it shouldn’t have been. A contractor who stole data from one of the servers, or from the company’s data center. Doesn’t it seems…

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automation maintenance

IT Monitoring & Management For Business: How To Be Proactive With Your Office Technology

Technology is getting smarter and, thanks to recent big advances in machine learning, it can now automate many of the functions that used to be performed by humans. Self-healing automation is the next step in this revolution. This term for proactive maintenance refers to the applications, devices and systems that can discover system faults or…

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IT Security & Compliance For Business: Technology Is Everyones Responsibility

The role of business IT and technology has grown exponentially. As more business functions are created, business processes are developed and business data is gathered, business security threats have become more prevalent, more complex, and tougher to fight against. Security, namely cybersecurity, is no longer an issue that hobbyists blog about. Sophisticated criminals are making…

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IT Monitoring & Management For Business: Are You Prepared for IoT (Internet of Things)

Summer 2018 has arrived! Warmer weather means families are spending time enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, bike rides, and beach days. With less time in the office comes more time on other devices, especially wearable technology like Apple Watches or FitBits. In other words, it is time to think about the Internet of Things and…

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Are Passwords Leaving Your Network Unlocked?

Passwords today are like spare keys that have been given out to too many friends and neighbors. Common password content like birthdays, favorite sports teams, or names of children or pets are easily found on social media accounts. Cybersecurity is vital to a successful business, especially as hackers try to exploit the companies they expect…

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