What are Managed IT Services?

Why Your Business Needs Managed IT Services 

As a business owner, you’re already working around the clock. Business expenses, growing pains, and operational management are already a lot to think about, but the backbone of your business model is what technology you use to make it all happen. 

But what happens when it breaks? 

Managed IT services are technology-focused objectives carried out or resolved by managed service providers (MSPs). The purpose of managed IT services is to offload time-consuming technology problem areas and projects to a team of experts, which saves on business costs in the long run. Without an MSP, you’ll be forced to waste more of your operation hours trying to handle technology issues outside of your expertise or hire an engineer for upwards of $70,000 annually.  

For a large business, an internal IT department may not be too difficult of a price to pay, but for SMBs (small-to-medium-businesses), the barrier could be large enough to permanently close their doors. 

Are there different kinds of managed IT services? 

Depending on the needs of your business, yes. Managed IT services can include monitoring your system access, scheduled maintenance for hardware, server management, systems management, and more. What an MSP can do for you all depends on how your business technology model is established, or how it needs to be.  

There are two approaches to managed IT services: 


Traditionally, MSPs approached their services with the break/fix ideology, monitoring every aspect of your system until an issue occurs. Repairs and upgrades are only performed as requested or needed, and your company is only billed for those specific services.  


Proactive managed IT services are investment, rather than just a straight-forward bill.  

In the new age of technology where criminals and threat actors are getting more creative with their attacks, many modern MSPs have started to approach their services proactively. Rather than waiting for a problem to occur before addressing it, an MSP’s proactive approach can include scheduled maintenance, patch management, and creating technology roadmaps to improve your business’s technological standing overtime.  

Cloud-based managed services 

Cloud-based managed services are high in demand for companies seeking IT solutions as they transition to a cloud-based business model, and for good reason.  

Cloud services foster business growth at a rapid-fire pace to meet increased demand without the costs of outsourcing more equipment in a datacenter or warehouse needed to support that growth. They’re packaged as applications delivered “as a service”, such as Software as a Service, (or SaaS) and Infrastructure/Platforms as a Service (IaaS and PaaS). If your company chooses to adopt the cloud-based model, or already has, outsourcing reliable and trusted security experts who specialize in cloud services is a worthy investment.  

Does my business need an MSP? 

For SMBs, absolutely. 

If you’re a business owner or executive who values the model of a trusted business partner to manage all aspects of your organization’s technology, an MSP is an invaluable investment to make.  

If you’re an SMB in the Connecticut or Massachusetts area and are looking for a local, trusted MSP to transform your technological standing, contact us today. We’d be happy to get to know you and your business and create a plan that fits your operational needs.