IT Support for Business: How Much Your Outdated Technology REALLY Costing You?

Living, breathing organizations are constantly under pressure to do more with less, and you want to have a pulse on what is costing your business and what the returns are. Teams are getting more done (hopefully) with fewer people and everyone’s conscious about whether the company’s investments, including capital ones, are lasting and efficient.

The “last a long time” strategy can backfire when it comes to technology, unfortunately. While typical businesses are refreshing PCs every few years, many hold onto machines for over five years without a second thought.

“They still work!”
While they may function, they’re draining time and money away from your business in hidden or even sometimes very overt ways.

We have alluded to the importance of assessing whether your current technology is meeting your business needs and goals at various points in the past including our discussions of how to determine when to upgrade your network, strategies for avoiding outdated tech, and what to do to ensure that your tech doesn’t get stuck in the past. 

Knowing how critical it is to stay lean with operations costs and be efficient as a small and medium business, we hope to help you to really evaluate what your business is losing by trying to save cost on this component of your operations and understand how current IT can boost your bottom line.

Old Machines Often Cost More To Fix

When a system degrades at the same time that the volume of apps and functions running increases with use, it’s no surprise that there would be a rippling impact inside of the organization. This results in so much wasted time, money, and potential just handling routine work, nevermind any other added potential burden to the struggling machine above that regular workload. This Techaisle survey of hundreds of businesses worldwide, alongside other present data, have found that the cost to repair an older machine often exceeds what a new one would cost!

The Hidden Costs of “Saving”

Aside from the cost of the repair versus replacement itself, your staff ends up wasting valuable time and money. End of story.


There are a wealth of reasons why it makes sense to, at the very LEAST, evaluate whether you are gaining or losing by running your business on outdated technology.
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