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Unfortunately, small to mid-sized businesses are victims of the majority (64%) of today’s attacks.

Our enhanced cybersecurity services are predicated on an “assume breach” security mentality. In this day and age, breaches are no longer a matter of if, but rather when.

What does an “assume breach” posture mean and how is it different then a “prevent-breach” approach?

This simply means that we assume adversaries can and will find a way to penetrate security perimeters, despite the confidence we have in the defensive protections in place. Taking this position enables us to view our defenses from an attacker’s point of view. This also includes tests to monitor, discover, and fix vulnerabilities. In addition, the “assume breach” approach limits the trust we place in applications, services, identities and networks by treating them all (internal and external) as if they’ve already been potentially compromised. This posture differs from a “prevent-breach” method in various ways.

Most “prevent-breach” methods focus solely on protecting the perimeter of your IT infrastructure and network using controls such as firewalls and antivirus tools. Though helpful, these tactics aren’t adept at catching all types of threats attacking from multiple angles. It’s simply not enough to stop all security risks.

Most organizations need enhanced cybersecurity services that employ an integrated set of functionalities, cost-effectively managed by experts around the clock to stay protected as cyber threats continue to evolve.


Today’s companies need sophisticated security tools to cope with these issues:

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Constantly evolving cyberthreats

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Data breaches, ransomware and malware

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Shifting regulations and compliance issues

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Remote workers and remote access

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Mobile device management

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Email and cloud security

Today’s companies need data protection and compliance support for:

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Patient health information

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Confidential financial information

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Government regulations

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Industry mandates

You need robust security measures in place that offer you a centralized collection and retention of network and log data. That way you can prove your adherence to the proper security controls whenever necessary.

We use the cybersecurity frameworks below as a guide to keep your company safe:

Sometimes, you just need more coverage that offers:

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All-encompassing network security including comprehensive SIEM services and nonstop monitoring from a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to quickly discern which threats are real and which are just white noise or false positives.

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Comprehensive protection for SMBs that closes gaps in security, adheres to best practices, and leverages technology to grow your business and achieve compliance

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Seamless endpoint protection to stop active threats, investigate origins and minimize harm. This also includes endpoint detection and response (EDR) for continuous monitoring and mitigation of cyber threats.

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Vulnerability and security assessments that identify ways to immediately secure your business, protect your data, cloud, clients, and remote workforce.

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SaaS and security for cloud-based apps that actively monitors Microsoft 365 and other apps for risks and threats and sends you a daily review of account activities and anomalies.

So that you’ll get:

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Real-time threat intelligence feeds and expert cyber insights

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Security awareness of the latest threat discoveries in your environment

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Visibility into any manner of anomalies, policy violations and threat data

With enhanced cybersecurity services, you’ll be properly protected no matter what the next generation of hackers unleash.

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