Why Does My Business Need A Technology Assessment?

Ever heard the story about the house that was built on sand?

Spoiler alert: The house didn’t weather the storm.

A comprehensive technology assessment is the basis for a sound foundation on which to grow your outsourced IT support relationship.

If the relationship between an IT provider and a business jumps ahead without a solid understanding of how your network is constructed and utilized, the future of your infrastructure is left in part to chance and the support will inevitably be less accurate and reliable. Furthermore, this severely impacts the ability of the IT provider to make strategic recommendations to meet the needs and potential of any company. Without a dependable foundation, it would be extremely challenging to truly bridge gaps and ensure top performance, cost-effectiveness, and security.

Right from the get-go, any truly diligent, forward-thinking IT resource will first want to establish that understanding of your network. This is in order to best serve you and what you might perceive to be your IT needs. It is an opportunity to identify a clear picture of the current state of your business infrastructure.

The IT provider assesses all areas where services are being deployed, back-end infrastructure, applications and software, appliances and other hardware, and everything in between. All points are taken into consideration, from end user peripherals to telecom services to internet providers and data storage.

Technology assessments are designed to be a collaborative effort between the IT provider(s) and the business seeking a better understanding of their IT infrastructure and how it could be improved to provide even better security, succinct workflows, and where cost savings might be possible in the process. The provider will seek a deeper understanding of business objectives in order to provide recommendations that will best serve the organization in the direction of their future goals.


In order to determine if, how, and when our NOAH solutions may fit your business, we always start by reviewing your business goals. At the same time, we assess your systems and security, leaving no stone unturned. Contact us to get started!