Steer Clear of Tax Time Cyber Crime

Tech Tips from CoopSys – Episode 1: Avoid Tax Time Cyber Crime

Tax season is upon us, which means tax time cyber crime is back with a vengeance!

The deadline is approaching and about 90% of Americans will file their taxes online this year. Meanwhile, online cyber risks are more imminent, diverse, and severe than ever before. This is a huge opportunity for cybercriminals.

In episode 1 of our Tech Tips from CoopSys series, we explore tax season cyber safety.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) continues to find that tax-related identity theft is the most common type of identity theft. This is made possible if your social security number and other personal information gets in the hands of a cyber criminal one way or another. They can then combine that information to file an income tax return in your name.

We also know that about 1 in 3 consumers who are victim of a data breach actually later become victims of some form of identity fraud or other targeted event.

Here are some tips from Scott Spatz, President of Cooperative Systems, to help you avoid disaster and keep yourself safe online during this especially vulnerable time.

If you protect yourself against these criminal schemes, your identity and tax return will be safer and more secure.

For our full list of 10 essential tips to avoiding cyber crime, click here.

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