IT & Technology For Business: Top 5 Technology Trends To Be Aware Of


As you are likely well aware, technology in your industry is changing and will continue to evolve at whirlwind speeds.

This is regardless of what industry you work in: Healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail…
While you’re not expected to know everything about technology, you are expected to follow trends in IT and technology. It’s also critical to understand these trends, and how to implement them.
We developed a list. This comprises While you’re not expected to know everything about technology, you are expected to follow trends in IT and technology. It’s also critical to understand these trends, and how to implement them.
We developed a list of the top 5 technology trends your business and especially those in IT need to be aware of in order to have success.

1. IT and technology training.

Technology training is important. We can’t stress this enough. Those who work in any capacity, inside of any business, need to embrace this mindset.

Technology and IT training is important because it aligns everyone on the same page. This communication helps keep your company secure, helps avoid mistakes, and helps eliminate costly errors. Costly mistakes like security issues can easily be avoided through proper education and training.

2. Security.

We’ve found that many companies are surprisingly weak, when it comes to IT security policies.

We’ve seen many that have no documented security policies at all. Things like encryption is great, but many companies often fail to encrypt files like they should.

Many businesses also struggle with the idea of BYOD policies (bring your own device). What you need to be aware of is collaboration with IT to accept a high level of personal responsibility in order to secure devices.

3. Storage on the cloud.

With growing cloud storage, your software isn’t device specific anymore.

Your files, your CRM data, accounting data, customer data isn’t solely stored on desktops; it’s moving to the cloud. Document storage and sharing applications like Dropbox, saw large increases in usage because of this trend.

Be sure you have a policy and process of storing files and your company data to some sort of data center, or cloud storage.

4. Hardware.

Research has shown that Apple products, especially in tablets and mobile use, are the most popular.

…But are they secure?

  • Are your devices and hardware secure?
  • Do you have authentication in order for your end users to protect your company information?
  • What if one of your employees lose a mobile device or have their laptop stolen?
  • Can you wipe it remotely, or will you be liable for potentially stolen data?


Consider using things like Google Authenticator, or perhaps a RSA SecureID token to protect your hardware and network.

5. Social Media/Marketing.

Business blogging has increased. The use of social media has increased. Digital marketing, and usage around this has all increased.  When putting together top 5 technology trends your business might use, we didn’t want to ignore the more obvious everyday tools that you can use to connect with your audience.

Businesses are seeing the benefits and value of branding as a part of their marketing. Social media usage is also increasing, which you need to be aware of. Your internal team may be using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s great to use these platforms, but we’d suggest defining your criteria when using them, from an IT perspective. Depending on the industry you’re in, you may or may not need strict policies and some guidelines when it comes to posting on social media.

You can’t approach social media like cowboys; there needs to be some sort of guidelines to protect your business, your clients, all the while looking trustworthy and credible to prospective clients and prospects.

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