How we stood by our clients during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic to ensure their businesses remained operational and secure.

After the pandemic hit, businesses everywhere were trying to quickly shift to remote work. A large component of this shift is hardware. They needed more equipment so their team members could work successfully from home. Due to this increased demand, PC hardware and peripherals were in short supply. In addition, costs for these items skyrocketed. On top of that, supply chains that produced these products were overwhelmed and unable to quickly meet the need. This impacted big name suppliers including HP and Dell.  

How we did it:  

Unfortunately, these types of challenges have no overnight solutions. To keep our clients productive and safe, we implemented an emergency client service plan that included the following:  

  • We purchased 50+ laptops to have on-hand for client use. 
  • We worked 250+ additional hours to ensure clients could work remotely.   
  • We supported more than 1,000 end users as they transitioned to working remotely. 
  • We offered extended payment terms to clients whose businesses were severely impacted by the pandemic or closed. 
  • We made sure that our support team was 100% reachable while working remotely.  


Not only were we able to see all of our clients through these IT issues and changes, we didn’t lose a single client. We even hired new staff during this time. Our mature operational processes and technology expertise enabled us to smoothly support our clients consistently and reliably during this difficult time period so that they could run their businesses. In fact, our clients saw no discernible difference in their helpdesk service even after our team transitioned to 100% remote.