Grow Your Business: Measure and Improve Your IT Operational Maturity

Business owners everywhere can agree that building and fortifying your operations takes a huge amount of work, planning, time, and resources. This is the case regardless of the size of your organization, and no matter whether your business is just starting out the gates or whether you’ve been around for 20, 50, or 100 years.

There is always room for improvement. There are so many ways to “leak” profitability, and that includes sub-optimally managing your investment in IT.

Research tells us that there is a correlation between business operations and financial performance.
In this age of increasing dependence on information technology, it is inevitable that your IT is playing a significant role in that.

Wouldn’t you like to ensure that your IT dollars are spent strategically and, thus, wisely?

Benchmark First

Before you begin to take action towards operational optimization, it is critical that you figure out where you are with regard to the use of technology. Once that is defined, you will have a baseline to work with as you decipher how you can better align your investments with your goals and grow your business.

By charting a course that is guided from a baseline, you can minimize business risk along the way and maximize performance.

Ask yourself:
What could be improved to optimize IT operations and get the most out of your IT investments?
What could your technology be doing for your business, vs. the impact it has right now on your operations?

About Operational Maturity Level©

Service Leadership Inc. has developed a proprietary tool that is uniquely designed to figure out the current disposition of your foundational needs so that you can lay the groundwork to reach your company’s operational and financial goals.

This is a proven method that looks at various traits companies need in order to build from core basics to a high-performing, efficient, profitable model that will allow them to thrive.

Note: No two businesses are the same, and as such there are different internal drivers depending on that business and its industry. This model does take that into account by defining the unique company’s Predominant Business Model© or PBM© that the playing field is levels and true best practices and paths can be identified.

An evaluation within each of the major functional areas of this tool will indicate where the business is with regard to IT operational maturity. This is what acts as the foundation for informed, validated, cost-effective, actionable plans.
Allow your business to be more profitable and more efficient, and no doubt you will also improve overall employee satisfaction along the way.

Grow Your Business

Is your IT propelling you forward or holding you back?

Get in touch with us. We’ll help you quickly and easily determine your IT Operational Maturity Level©. Then, you can take action to manage the benefits (and risks) of your IT to drive business performance with more confidence.

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The terms and concepts Service Leadership Index® (S-L Index™), Predominant Business Model© (PBM©) and Operational Maturity Level© (OML©) are proprietary to Service Leadership, Inc.  All rights reserved.