Connecticut Underwriting Firm Partners with Cooperative Systems to Tackle Several Technology Pain Points


The leadership team at HOVIN Underwriting experienced four main issues with their technology:

• Their main office location had inconsistent power and internet services.

• They had an aging physical infrastructure.

• They struggled with locally hosted applications that were unavailable during power losses.

• Their employees were tied to a single physical office location and while they had the ability to work remotely the process could be unreliable and cumbersome.

The owners of HOVIN Underwriting Partners made the easy decision of engaging an outsourced IT partner in Cooperative Systems. As part of this partnership, the team at HOVIN completed a comprehensive technology assessment with Cooperative Systems that identified multiple challenges with their infrastructure, and network. The assessment identified infrastructure and network equipment nearing it’s life cycle end and uncovered concerns about their business continuity preparedness as there was no redundant internet service or backup power available. HOVIN also identified the need to develop and maintain a predicable IT support process while creating an annual, working technology budget.

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