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Cybersecurity SWOT Analysis

Purpose/Objective statement

The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to think differently about your cybersecurity strategy.  Too often, cybersecurity preparedness is evaluated in a product-specific fashion, where a piece of software is targeted as a solution to a problem or vulnerability.  We’d like you to think higher level than that, and use this Cybersecurity SWOT Analysis to evaluate your business’ cybersecurity preparedness from a strategic level.  We’ve put together a number of statements that encompass a well thought out strategy – you’ll determine whether each statement is a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, or Threat for your business.

What are next steps

Once you input and submit your responses, our team will email you a PDF copy of your SWOT Analysis.  You can use this to begin working on addressing any Weaknesses or Threats you may have identified for your business.  Please bring your SWOT Analysis with you to the September Summit event, where during the industry-focused break-out sessions, you’ll have the ability to interact with fellow attendees as well as the moderator of your break-out session.  The goal during these break-out sessions is to discuss and answer any questions you may have regarding your cybersecurity preparedness, and within your SWOT Analysis.

After the September event, and before the December event, we’ll send you a link and ask you to re-do your SWOT Analysis, so that during the December event, we can provide some reporting and data on how attendees’ SWOT Analyses have improved or changed since the first Summit event in June.  During the December event, we’ll be providing more solution-oriented content, where for the remaining Threats and Weaknesses you may have, you’ll have actionable takeaways to implement in your business, to improve your overall cybersecurity posture and preparedness.

How we will use this data

Your data will only be used for the purpose of this exercise, and will be deleted from our system at the end of this Summit Series.  We hold your data in strict confidentiality, store it securely, and only allow access to individuals who are preparing the SWOT Analysis exercise.  If you have any concerns about the security or confidentiality of the data you are inputting, please contact us to discuss.

Instructions and Consent

Please fill this out, one per company only.

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SWOT Analysis Input Section

Instructions: Select the most appropriate category for your particular situation. These values can be modified later.
Use the fields below to prioritize these pre-selected SWOT items. If you are responding "No" to an item, categorize it as a Weakness if comparing to your competitors or a Threat if you believe it may be putting your company in jeopardy. Use NA only if the situation does not apply to your company.
We’ve evaluated how a breach would impact our business
We are aware and prepared for external threats, such as natural disasters and cyber breaches
We have a handle on where our PII is
We have a written Incident response plan, and we test it annually
We have a professionally written Acceptable Use Policy and we enforce it
We have a defined and updated Business Continuity Plan
We have “cyber-vetted” our third-party vendors and have agreements in place
We are prepared for a regulatory audit
Our employees are educated when it comes to Security Awareness
We’ve performed a comprehensive cyber risk analysis
We have updated our cyber policy recently
We have the appropriate security systems in place now to protect our business.
Our budget doesn’t allow for cybersecurity improvements
We mandate complex passwords for access to all our systems
We don’t allow employees to use unauthorized applications
SWOT Items not listed above
Use the fields below to add your own SWOT items. Use one box in the appropriate column for each item.
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