Springfield Label and Tape Solves Technology Frustrations Through Partnership with Cooperative Systems

Springfield Label and Tape specializes in creating custom labels for a wide variety of clients.  

They were facing several technology issues that was starting to impact their productivity including help with IT support, internet and network performance, remote work access and cybersecurity. They heard about us and asked for help.  

How we did it:  

We installed a 4G failover solution to keep them up and running whenever their primary broadband provider fails. Then, we developed a secure option for remote access that connected all their laptops and workstations to their network. Addressing this enabled them to meet industry compliance regulations regarding monitoring and patching their IT systems.  

We helped manage their existing line-of-business (LOB) applications vendors, including Label Traxx software, to resolve any issues quickly. In addition, we offered then 24x7x365 helpdesk support for all their IT issues.  

To address their cybersecurity concerns, we created an active directory to manage their administrative permissions. We also instituted End User Security Awareness Training to train staff in how to protect themselves against malware. 


Springfield Label and Tape regained the many hours wasted on chronic IT issues. Their remove work access was reliable and they now had an internet failsafe solution to keep them operationally independent. They also increased the security of their company by taking preventative measures.