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Overcome business challenges and make technology your competitive advantage.

Technology Strategy and solutions For The Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to experience massive growth, the businesses and vendor partners in this space are facing more operational challenges and more competition than ever before.

We’re here to help. We recognize that your technology and compliance needs are imminent, and you need to trust that your infrastructure is strong and secure. We have experience in designing, maintaining, and monitoring all aspects of technology for cannabis companies and their partners.

So many aspects of the cannabis industry involve technology, from growers and cultivators to retail and pharmacy (and everywhere in between).

Vendors of all shapes and sizes are supplementing this industry, including water systems, fertilization, soil testing, and system components providers. IT is a core part of their day-to-day business operations as well.

Whether your cannabis business operates in a single location or out of multiple facilities, Cooperative Systems is uniquely qualified to serve as your trusted technology partner and help you to grow and thrive. We work with businesses just like yours to strategize and put in place the best-suited technologies to empower and strengthen your organization from the inside out.

it for cannabis industry

Cannabis Industry IT Problems We Solve

We tackle pain points every day for our clients that are unique to the cannabis industry.
Here are some examples of those problems we solve:

Seed-To-Sale and POS Integrations

We know you have unique, specific 3rd party software required to run your business.

We'll help you manage those relationships to ensure that systems play well with each other and there is seamless communication between business tools. This helps to reduce overhead, improve accuracy, and simplify your reporting.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

We can design, configure, monitor, and maintain wired and wireless networks. You'll be equipped with a rock solid platform on which you can run your operations uninterrupted.

We resolve issues with your connections, and we can even provide any visitors you have at your facilities with separate and secure WiFi.

Cloud Services

With cloud services from Cooperative Systems your business applications could be accessed from anywhere that you have the internet. Your team could manage documents in a unified system from any location where you're connected online. Improve communications, empower your marketing and commerce tools, and better your business processes along the way with cloud services.

Regulatory Compliance

In your competitive cannabis industry landscape, failing to ensure compliance can mean not just security events, but also being at risk of losing customers and funding.

Whether it's HIPAA, PCI, or otherwise, we will help you to identify, achieve, and maintain compliance according to your unique business offerings and operations.

Cannabusiness Technology Integrations

We'll keep your unique software and hardware running like a well-oiled machine. Here are some of the relevant technologies we know and support that are unique to this industry:

24x7x365 Service Desk

Business IT Strategy

Staff Augmentation

Business Continuity Planning

Your Competitive Advantage

Propel your business forward with robust, resilient, hassle-free technology.

Up-Time Guarantee

Keeping Your Business Running

You'll benefit from our 99.99% business continuity promise.
We'll keep your business running at all times and at optimal performance.


Staying Ahead Of Issues

We'll monitor and secure your entire network to prevent outages, attacks, data loss, and vulnerabilities. We ID and resolve risks before they affect your operations.

Accessibility & Connectivity

Keeping You Connected

Seamlessly integrate and link all components of your operations and infrastructure to maximize efficiency of your operations.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline Operations

What's preventing you from operating at maximum efficiency and productivity? We'll uncover answers and provide recommendations with a path forward to improve.


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navigate business challenges with the strategic use of technology.

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