IT Support For Business: How To Choose The Best Tech Support

Whether it is 1 person or an entire team, a department inside your organization or an outsourced company, there are questions you should be asking yourself to decide if your IT support currently in place is “making the grade” or if you need to reconsider.

We want to help you decide if you are receiving service and support that stacks up. How do you know if your network is secured from downtime, viruses, data loss, or other frustrations and unplanned expenses? Are you paying for sub-standard IT support and services?


Here’s a quick list of questions to be asking yourself about the resource(s) you currently have:

  • Are they super easy to reach and responsive when you need them, even if it isn’t an emergency?
  • Are they monitoring your systems 24/7 to catch developing problems?
  • Are you confident that they’re staying ahead of security problems? Ask yourself why or why not.
  • Are they good communicators when it comes to the state of your network?
  • Do they ask for your input and feedback?
  • Are they serious about backing up your network and making sure your disaster recovery plan is in place?
  • Is there more than just 1 person who is familiar with your network in the case that the “regular” or “primary” person isn’t around to help?
  • Are projects completed on time? Do things get done when they say they will do them? Do they keep their promises?
  • Do costs match your expectations set, or does work always end up costing more and taking longer than you thought or was expected?
  • Are they offering flat-rate, fixed-fee quoting, or do you have to deal with a range of time, materials, and options that may be confusing or widely varying?


Not to be trite, but to be frank: If something’s not working for your business, maybe even standing in the way of progress instead of facilitating it, it’s time to consider alternatives.

If you’re ready to explore what Cooperative Systems can do for your IT support and services needs, we’d love to hear from you!

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