Do Not Overlook Your Physical IT Security

IT security is more than your cybersecurity protections. Are you skipping past perhaps the most obvious form of security?

Don’t open the door for data thieves!

There’s a stereotype of computer hacking where someone types frantically for a few minutes and suddenly gains access to control a target’s digital life. This is looking more out of date, but one reason why is something you may not have considered. As businesses of all shapes and sizes get serious about IT security, cyber crime is revisiting the physical components that can be left wide open.

In worst case scenarios, the criminal may actually already be inside of your business as an employee or contractor. How can you improve physical security against cyber attackers?

Here are some simple tips.

Access Control

Do not just assume that your reception person, if you even have one, will be able to have total control over access to your facilities. Reception staff is often multitasking and busy, and they also naturally take breaks. Are they finding back-up? Don’t make access control a single person’s responsibility! If you don’t have someone manning your entrances and exits, you definitely should consider controlling access otherwise in order to minimize those changes of receiving unwanted visitors.

Data Center Security

Do you host any data, hardware, or other IT infrastructure that routes or controls data in any way? Make sure that access to those areas is under tight control. Only visitors who have been properly vetted should be able to gain access. Getting time with hardware hands-on will allow criminals to do things that remotely accessing something cannot. Whether your network space is a massive facility or you just have a small cabinet with a couple of devices, we urge you to lock it up!

Protect Your Locks

Don’t get caught having a false sense of security. Swipe cards, for instance, are a great tool but can encourage a lack of vigilance and a culture of assumptions about those who are coming and going. Make sure your locks actually remain secure by using things like encryption and ensuring that people nearby can’t just capture a single tool or piece of data and be on their way as they please.

Keep An Eye Out

Do you use any sort of video surveillance? Gear is now cheaper than in the past, and the storage is far more manageable. It’s actually very easy to use in most cases, so that’s not a good reason to avoid investing in it anymore. It’s effective and here’s why:

  • The cameras themselves act as deterrents to crime
  • (Monitored) video feeds show threats in progress. There’s time to intervene in many cases!
  • Video can be reviewed after a breach of some sort to be used as evidence.

Protect Your Mobile Devices

Sure, this might sound obvious… but this is more than having your password protection, facial recognition, that sort of thing. We’re talking about physical security, so this means securing your unattended tech somewhere. If it is portable, it is at risk. Find a locker or drawer, at least, that you can lock up… or take it with you!

Whatever solutions you choose, the most important thing to remember is that you should always be aware of inevitable weaknesses in your IT security and there are things you can control to help bridge the gaps.

We can help you identify those security gaps, whether they be physical or otherwise. Get in touch with us to learn more:

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