Through our NOAH Managed IT Services, we help organizations ensure connectivity to keep your operations running smoothly and to minimize downtime.

The average business suffers through 14 hours of internet downtime per year.

A connectivity interruption that lasts a single hour costs an organization of 150 employees $3,750.

That means connectivity outages cost the average business $52,000 dollars a year.

An All-In-One Connectivity Solution Improves Your Organization's Stability


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How to Ensure Company-Wide Connectivity 24/7

Connectivity issues severely impact organizational productivity

Assess your communications solutions with a consultant you can trust

There are countless solutions for every type of corporate communication, whether it’s phone, email, fax, messaging, or cloud services. When your organization is tasked with selecting a provider you want a consultant that can ask the tough questions. At Cooperative Systems, we will provide advice and assistance on all your telecommunication decisions through our NOAH Managed Services. We’ll work to make sure your provider is able to deliver the service your business requires. We will also be on hand, ready to assist, when questions arise regarding a new service or a charge on your bill.

Ensure 100% connectivity at all times

Organizations require 100% connectivity all the time. Anything less seriously effects your bottom line. With NOAH ReConnect you can mitigate this threat. We will add an additional secured wireless network path to your existing wired data connectivity using a mix of carriers to provide maximum coverage reliability. This means in the event of an outage, your system will seamlessly migrate over to the secured wireless network until the system is stable and the outage is over.

Upgrade to a unified communications solution

Many communications solutions require teams to manage multiple service providers that may or may not be ready to assist in the event of an outage. Plus, with multiple providers, what’s worse than having an outage and not being sure who to call when there’s an issue? With NOAH Voice this is not an issue. Voice provides a you a unified communication system that includes phone, messaging, fax, chat, video conferencing, and other communication technologies the a modern office requires. Best of all, our unified system relies on a combination of both on-premise and web-based systems, allowing all NOAH Voice features to function as a single, complete system rather than a collection of independent services. It also means you only have to deal with a single provider, receive one monthly bill and have one number to call for service.

Couple communications with cloud services and stay connected and secure

Businesses move faster today than ever before. Hundreds of emails are exchanged each day and new versions of documents are constantly created. To make sure teams are always in sync, companies today are turning to cloud-based resources, like GMail, Dropbox and others. But at Cooperative Systems, we recognize that your corporate communications are extremely sensitive and require security beyond what a consumer solution can provide. With NOAH’s CloudSync and CloudMail solutions, we keep that data safe. Your company’s data is kept private and secure through extensive encryption on disk and in transit, providing the security, privacy, and reliability that your business requires. Plus our 99.99% reliability guarantee means your team will stay connected, no matter what.  

Complementary Telecommunications Audit

Research shows that 12% of charges on telecom bills are likely the result of error. As part of an initial assessment we’ll do a free comprehensive audit of all your communication investments, so you can ensure that you’re getting what you paid for.

This is just one place to start to ensure that you’re making the most of your connectivity resources.

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