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10 Practical Tips to Build Your Business’s Security Program

Businesses often associate IT security with fear and the premise of “saving the day” as a primary initiative of their supposed security program. While fear is natural, this approach can become a justification for unnecessary security spending and more “security theater” than real security.

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We recognize that this topic is tough because it asks that leadership questions their default mindset and acts against a more reactive nature. The truth is, not all teams who set the standards for their organization are necessarily informed enough to make forward-thinking security decisions. That’s especially true in the context of the intense amount of info out there that is really designed to persuade them one way or another.

In this whitepaper we identify symptoms of security theater, discuss the responsibilities of a real security program, and offer these essential business lessons worth considering when shifting from security theater to a truly more secure organization.


A solid enterprise security program demands a Ying & Yang approach, which combines sheer technical power with an ability to bring harmony through communication and engagement across the organization.

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