virtual CIO and vCIO planning for business

Making sure your IT aligns well with your business requires knowledge, care, planning, and time.

Your organization deserves a trusted business advisor who can help.

Cooperative Systems can partner with you to become that dedicated resource, a virtual Chief Information Officer (“vCIO”) at your fingertips.

What Is A Virtual CIO?

As your virtual CIO, Cooperative Systems will provide your team with executive-level insight and recommendations to drive your business forward with strategic use of technology.

At the onset of our business partnership, we identify and evaluate your technology disposition as it relates to your requirements and objectives.
Our initial comprehensive business discovery & technology assessment makes it possible to identify all critical components of your technology environment and their use cases. This, in combination with insights from your team, allows Cooperative Systems to deliver a thorough report of all of those solutions and subsequent recommendations that consider your specific business initiatives and objectives.

Our assessment and discovery process acts as a foundation for the proactive advisory services we can then offer you as we continue forward in our relationship with you.
We act as a trusted business advisor, aligning your company’s technology initiatives with your overarching business objectives. 

We’ll help you to minimize risks, maximize efficiency, and ensure that your technology is optimal for your unique needs and goals.

We advocate for the most appropriate solutions for your business, and our recommendations will be based on both your current requirements as well as the future needs of your organization.

What To Expect From Your vCIO


Strategic Guidance


Proactive, Informed Recommendations


Ensured Continuity and Empowerment

Strategic Business Reviews

Our ability to provide unparalleled expertise and guidance is made possible in part by the paramount role that strategic business reviews, or SBRs, play in our customer relationships. 

Our strategic business reviews with you serve as a unique opportunity for us to meet and make informed decisions efficiently regarding the appropriate resources for your business. We want you to reap the benefits of powerful, effective support from us, which is made possible by way of these critical meetings. We define why particular solutions and recommendations are best suited for your unique needs, what budgets should be in place for those plans put into place, and the timelines relevant to the execution of these strategies.

Whether you feel that you’re looking for more of that vCIO input to leverage the best IT for particular needs, or you are simply looking to keep your business technology working for you (not against you) to the best of its ability, you will absolutely benefit from vCIO services and our strategic business reviews as a Cooperative Systems customer. 

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