Data Security

Data Security in our terms refers to data integrity and systems level security, which is not the same thing as Cyber Security. Data is the lifeblood for most businesses. The data they save on their internal servers and PCs is instrumental in holding a competitive advantage in their particular industry. Maybe there is secretive data on part of the network that must be seen only by a select few. How can data be protected? How can it be known to the owners or executives if the data is copied or moved off the server by someone unauthorized to do so? Solutions do exist but there are many and they are very complex and range widely in cost. Our experts can help a small business owner or IT manager sift through all the options and end up with the best product or solution meet their data security needs.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. DLP is also used to describe software and services that help a network administrator control what data end users can transfer. When your organization needs extreme control of information coming in and going out of your corporate firewall, DLP can go a long way to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.organization needs extreme control of information coming in and going out of your corporate firewall, DLP can go a long way to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.

Your sensitive business information regularly needs to leap your firewall to go to third parties: vendors, contractors, auditors, and partners. This may include intellectual property, customer information, engineering drawings, and other sensitive documents.

While DLP provides an important layer in protecting data, in can only protect so far. Once the information leaves your corporate network, it also leaves the jurisdiction of your DLP system and network security infrastructure. Files travel outside of your control – and stay that way forever. Information Rights Management provides an additional layer of protection for files beyond the borders of the network.

Extending beyond DLP for a Comprehensive Data Security Solution

Integrating your DLP with an Information Rights Management (IRM) solution empowers you to achieve comprehensive security for file-based data sent outside your network. DLP + IRM integration keeps your data in your control – even when it leaves your DLP’s control.

We have worked with organizations that require this level of security, whether it be dictated from their vendors and suppliers or whether it be mandated per industry regulations and certifications. Our DLP + IRM system offers ease-of-use, deep protection, and automation that secures data and files without affect business processes, empowering your business to strike the right balance between security and collaboration.

Combining Data Security with NOAH Managed Services and NOAH Cyber Security Solutions provides an enterprise-wide security solution for any sized business. For a comprehensive security assessment, we invite you to contact our team today for a free initial consultation.

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