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We understand that your auto dealership faces unique challenges and service requirements. 
We recognize your need for a local support team that can fully support your staff and your systems remotely and in person. 

If you’re searching for solid IT support for auto dealerships with a company that specializes in IT services and computer network support for the automotive retail industry, you’ve come to the right place.
We manage your dealership network and technology so you can stay focused on your business.


We have 20+ years of experience in solving IT and technology problems for auto dealerships and dealer groups in the greater Massachusetts and Connecticut regions. Because of our experience, we’ve tailored solutions specific to the automotive industry that gives your dealership the best technology result.

Whether your dealership has a single rooftop location or dozens of locations, you’ll benefit from our network services, computer support, and IT management that will ultimately drive your dealership in the right direction.

What We Do For Automotive Retail

Painless integration

You’ll find the integrations painless and seamless with dealer management systems like CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds, as well as CRM tools such as DealerSocket, VinSolutions or others, and with manufacturer communication systems.

Simple hardware ordering

You’ll benefit from a simplified process for ordering new equipment as a result of the relationships we’ve built with vendors in your industry.

Reduced pricing

You’ll benefit from reduced pricing based on volume purchasing because of our experience in working with automotive retailers.

Standard image-based deployment

All your workstations will look and feel the same because of the standard image-based deployment. This saves you time, money, and makes your dealership more efficient.

Single point of billing contact

You’ll save time because we’ll eliminate the typical hassles of vendor relations by helping you consolidate billing and points of contact.

Support for your staff that’s 24/7/365

You’ll benefit from 24/7/365 service desk support and offer remote and onsite support as needed, all with one number to call. You’ll even have easy one-stop call routing to other relevant help desks to companies like CDK or Reynolds.

Security and compliance

Your network will be continuously monitored to ensure reliability and compliance.

Secure data

All your customers data will be securely stored with confidentiality in mind, through all applicable standards, regulations, and best practices.

We’ll grow with you

As you grow, we’ll grow with you by staying dynamic and flexible with our solutions and support.

Eliminate connectivity frustrations

We’ll take out the frustrations of inconsistent connections, unresponsive programs, OEM compliance issues, and unreliable networks. We have a proactive approach that helps you to stay ahead of surprises by keeping your technology healthy.

Problems We Solve For Auto Dealerships

The less efficient your team and systems are, the more likely potential customers are to be frustrated and walk out the door.
We’ll help you to leverage your IT and technology to increase sales and improve client satisfaction along the way.

You’ll never have to worry about whether or not your systems are performing like they should.

We take care of supporting your team on the floor, as they leverage these core systems to serve your car buyers. Your reputation and profits are important and we’ll give you the right tools you need to stop worrying about your IT and stay focused on your customers.

You’re facing ever-increasing compliance requirements.

We’re hyper-focused on technology compliance, including PCI-DSS, data handling, and storage. In the auto dealership market, it’s essential to comply with automotive manufacturer and vehicle service facility mandates on top of that. This is all possible with a strong core technology network. It’s our goal to design, install, support and maintain your network infrastructure to allow interoperability of the many cloud-based and premise-based technologies you use, or would like to use. We account for applicable regulations by strategically designing networks that are compliance-conscious. This allows you to meet attestation requirements and offers you peace of mind in the process for when you’re processing payments for your customers.

If you’ve ever struggled with parts ordering you know it’s a function that can be disrupted in many ways.

This can happen through frustrations like inconsistent connections, software problems, call quality, availability, etc. We solve these frustrations for you by coordinating resources so there’s not negative experiences like this within your service department.

It’s a problem when your financing team can’t talk to banks and lenders.

This stress will be minimized because we’ll make sure your finance and insurance teams are successful by leveraging the technology support that allows them to perform at their best.

Your customer service will be stellar because we’ll help you solve potential communication issues.

We can help to strengthen the channels between your team and your customers. We want your online reputation to be solid gold because of the excellent communication between you and your customers.

Learn how Cooperative Systems has helped its automotive industry clients take their businesses to the next level with the use of technology.

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