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Insurance agencies and brokerages continue to face ever-increasing compliance requirements and industry complexities. More than ever before, agencies require IT systems that are secure, efficient, and consistent.

Since 1993, insurance companies have relied on Cooperative Systems to help them achieve their business goals with the use of technology, all-the-while keeping costs down and exceeding industry standards and requirements. If you’re searching for solid IT services and support from a team that specializes in IT services and computer network support for the insurance industry, you’ve come to the right place.

We have 20+ years of experience in solving IT and technology problems for insurance agencies and brokerage firms in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and beyond. We offer tailored solutions specific to the insurance industry that will give your firm the best technology result with the highest level of security and compliance.

Whether your organization has a single location or dozens of offices, you’ll benefit from our best-in-class network services, computer support, and IT management solutions that will propel your insurance company forward in the right direction.

What We Do For You

Painless integration

You’ll experience seamless synthesis between our tools and your communications and analytics applications. 

Cost Savings

As a result of the relationships we’ve built with vendors in your industry, we can offer you reduced pricing based on volume purchasing.

Single point of billing contact

You’ll save time because we’ll eliminate the typical hassles of vendor relations by helping you consolidate billing and points of contact.

Support for your staff that’s 24/7/365

You’ll benefit from 24/7/365 service desk support and offer remote and onsite support as needed, all with one number to call.

Security and compliance

Your network will be continuously monitored to ensure reliability and compliance. We ensure that you’re meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Data accountability

All of your customers’ data will be securely stored with confidentiality and compliance in mind, through all applicable standards, regulations, and best practices.

We’ll grow with you

We scale alongside you by remaining consistent, dynamic and flexible with our solutions and support.

Eliminate service disruptions

We’ll take out the frustrations of inconsistent connections, unresponsive programs, OEM compliance issues, and unreliable networks. We have a proactive approach that helps you to stay ahead of surprises by keeping your technology healthy and secured.

Problems We Solve For Insurance Agencies

Leverage your IT to boost profitability and improve client satisfaction.

You’ll never have to worry about whether or not your systems are performing like they should.

We take care of supporting your team on the floor, as they leverage these core systems to serve insurance clientele. Your reputation and profits are important and we’ll give you the right tools you need to stop worrying about your IT and stay focused on your customers. 

Your clients want to communicate with devices that are convenient for them at that time.

They will always look for fast, secure transactions and interactions with your team and tools. Whether they are attempting to access billing, claims, or personal information management, they’ll be looking for a fast, responsive interaction that is secure. 

Insurers with robust technology in their organization have a strong advantage.

They are able to lower processing cost and keep their offerings diverse all while maintaining consistently seamless service delivery. Leverage your technology investment by leveraging us as your experienced, expert resource!

With ever-increasing risks and regulations in play, technology has become strategic decision for insurance companies looking to stay ahead.

Internal processes and policies, endpoint protection, employee awareness training, and other such components are all pieces of the security and compliance puzzle. We ensure that our clients remain up-to-date with regard to their requirements, protections, and compliance initiatives.

Insurance Industry Resources

Learn how Cooperative Systems has helped its insurance industry clients take their businesses to the next level with the use of technology.

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