CyberSecurity SWOT Analysis

Form for the CyberSecurity Series Seminar (2022). A paper equivalent is also available by request from our marketing department.
Company Size/Number of Employees

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We’ve evaluated how a breach would impact our business
We are aware and prepared for external threats, such as natural disasters and cyber breaches
We have a handle on where our PII is
We have a written Incident response plan, and we test it annually
We have a professionally written Acceptable Use Policy and we enforce it
We have a defined and updated Business Continuity Plan
We have “cyber-vetted” our third-party vendors and have agreements in place
We are prepared for a regulatory audit
Our employees are educated when it comes to Security Awareness
We’ve performed a comprehensive cyber risk analysis
We have updated our cyber policy recently
We have the appropriate security systems in place now to protect our business.
Our budget doesn’t allow for cybersecurity improvements
We mandate complex passwords for access to all our systems
We don’t allow employees to use unauthorized applications
SWOT Items not listed above
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