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How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Scams

Posted: 06/23/2016 in: Management, Passwords, Security

The best tips on how to prevent Phishing scams before they happen.

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What Happens To Social Media Accounts When Someone Dies?

Posted: 06/16/2016 in: Consumer, Passwords, social media

According to Digital Beyond approximately 972,000 U.S.-based Facebook users will die in 2016. After someone dies, does their social media go on to live forever? We sought to answer this question by tackling a few questions: Who can handle your accounts if you aren’t there to claim them? Who determines the fate of someone’s online…

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How to Choose Strong Passwords: 5 Core Tips

Posted: 04/21/2016 in: Passwords, Productivity, Tip of the Week, Top Lists

May 5 is the third annual World Password Day. If you care about protecting your accounts, your personal identifying information, and your business, this your official reminder: Please be more thoughtful about choosing passwords! Now that we’re well into 2016, we are all privvy to the list of the top 10 worst passwords from 2015….

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