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Be More Productive and Work Smarter - Tips

How To Be More Productive: 5 Strategies For Working Smarter

Tech Tips from CoopSys – Episode 4: How To Be More Productive In this episode of Tech Tips from CoopSys we’re tackling something that every single one of us has to deal with day by day: We are constantly challenged to “work smarter” and be more productive without making more work for ourselves. Most of…

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organizational change leadership business

Company Leadership Must Drive Organizational Change

Posted: 05/09/2019 in: Business Planning, Management, New Technology

In today’s digital economy, your business should be prepared to adapt and open doors. If you don’t, you will lose a competitive edge. Modern organizational change accounts for all facets of the operations, including the technology that drives them. The question becomes: Who in the business is held responsible for this process? IT people drive…

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January 28 Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day 2019

Cooperative Systems joined the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) in the global efforts to support Data Privacy Day (DPD) by becoming a 2019 champion! This is an internationally recognized effort made each year on January 28. It is intended to empower people to protect their digital footprint, highlighting and escalating the protection of data and…

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6 Ways For Employees To Be More Productive Using Technology

Can you imagine if your team could get twice as much done in a single day? Technology can be so much more than just a distraction! It truly offers a world of useful tools and ways for helping to boost productivity in the workplace. Whether it be improved care of customers or patients, or remote…

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IT Readiness During Holidays And Breaks

Everybody deserves a break once in a while – no exceptions! After working hard day after day it is important and necessary. During the holidays or any time you or members of your team take some deserved time off, good cheer or relaxation can go out the window in a moment if your business suffers…

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Unhappy With IT Vendor Technology Cooperative Systems

Not Happy With Your Current IT Vendor? Ask These 8 Question Before Firing Them

Posted: 11/27/2018 in: Management, Top Lists

As your business grows and you add workstations, connected devices, other network components it’s a slow fade to when IT issues become the norm as you start to experience performance issues with hardware or software. Let’s say you’re a small office and don’t have a million dollars for an IT budget or to hire full-time…

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Microsoft Office 365

Should I Upgrade My Microsoft Office Version or Subscribe to Office 365?

Posted: 11/14/2018 in: Business Planning, Cloud, Management, Productivity

“Should I upgrade my Microsoft Office version or subscribe to Office 365?” This is a question we get asked often when we meet with our clients.  “Should our company subscribe to Office 365, or should we just keep purchasing Office licenses every few years?” The high-level answer is this: If your business model or industry…

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5 Important Reasons To Outsource Your IT Security

Cybersecurity threats against businesses like yours have grown exponentially in size and sophistication in recent years. It’s clear that no business is completely safe. As a matter of fact, states that even as of 2017 almost 50 percent of businesses had experienced some sort of cybersecurity attack. Protecting your hardware, software, and technology assets,…

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month Logo

Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Do you know every web application your employees are using? There is a high probability that your workforce is utilizing many devices and applications without explicit approval. Collectively, these programs and devices are called Shadow IT. Shadow IT is essentially any application employees download or IT service they sign up for without vetting by your…

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Binoculars for third-party IT assessment

Top 3 Reasons Why A Third-Party IT Assessment Is A Good Investment For Your Business

How can you make smart decisions for your company without all the information to do so? A third-party IT assessment, or technology assessment, is an evaluation from a source outside of your company that gives you a full picture of your current technology disposition. On top of this, it will hone in on any events…

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