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world backup day 2018

March 31 is World Backup Day 2018

Small and medium-sized business owners must take every precaution against cyberattacks, and being that March 31 is World Backup Day 2018 it is the perfect time to assess the cybersecurity tools in your arsenal. In the current high-threat environment, it is good for business to add as many layers of digital protection as possible. That’s…

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Business Continuity for Schools: How a Lack Of Cybersecurity Jeopardizes Your School’s Reputation

For the head of IT at any school, it is no doubt frustrating to try and get buy-in for cybersecurity resources to an unrelenting board that just doesn’t see the cost of school cybersecurity protections as a priority. It is critical to demonstrate benefits of proactivity to security threats, rather than waiting for an attack…

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Cybersecurity For Business: Five Signs You’ve Been Hacked

January 28 was Data Privacy Day in 2018, which meant the start of a new year – What better time for implementing resolutions and fresh starts?! If you resolved to be more vigilant this year by putting a high priority on your cybersecurity efforts, it is hopefully not too late. That said, we really hope…

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IT and Technology for Business: How Outdated Hardware Affects Your Business

If you have IT supporting your operations, it is absolutely important to take care of it and keep it current. There are not only concerns as it relates to product support and functionality, but security risks can exponentially rise with the age of network components in many cases.

Here’s a 3-step approach to upgrading your IT infrastructure.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery For Business: The Most Important Step When Disaster Strikes Your Technology

Imagine that by the end of this blog piece, you will be a more effective IT decision-maker…all because you learned about one very important aspect of your daily IT-grind and why this is so crucial. Not only can you learn the in’s and out’s of BDR here, but we also invite you to check out…

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4 Must-Have’s Of Every Successful Disaster Recovery Plan

  Previously, we explained why it’s prudent for your business to have a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan in place with the help of a managed service provider (MSP). Since there’s no perfect way to plan for the future, take what steps you can now to protect the business you run. To ensure that…

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Preparing For A Storm: Why Your Business Needs A Disaster Recovery Plan

Without a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan your business may be left crippled in the face of a calamity. Your entire business organization can be completely shut down.

How quickly your organization can bounce back depends on your commitment to emergency planning TODAY.

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