Springfield Label and Tape Solves Technology Frustrations Through Partnership with Cooperative Systems


The leadership team at Springfield Label and Tape had five main
technology and IT frustrations before they began working with
Cooperative Systems. They spent 6-8 hours weekly dealing with
technology related issues, they needed secure remote access
availability for specific employees, and needed their workstations and
laptops to operate on their network. Springfield Label also wanted to
eliminate struggles with their staff experiencing broadband issues and
network performance. They were also concerned with security because
of a malware scare in 2017, prior to working with Cooperative Systems.


Springfield Label and Tape chose to partner with Cooperative Systems
to solve these technology issues. Because Cooperative Systems has
24 x 7 x 365 support including a team of engineers ready to help, the
leadership at Springfield Label immediately regained those valuable
hours they were spending on IT issues and were able focus on their
business. Cooperative Systems developed a secure option for remote
access that connected all laptops/workstations to their network. This is
important because it made monitoring and patching in compliance with
industry regulations. Springfield Label was able to support their existing
line-of-business applications including their Label Traxx software, relying
on the team at Cooperative Systems to escalate issues on their behalf.
The technical team at Cooperative Systems was able to solve their
connectivity issues by providing a 4G failover solution that has kept them
up and running when their primary broadband provider fails. Springfield
Label was able to align their management and staff by developing an
active directory which manages their administrative permissions, and
also instituted End User Security Awareness Training to educate and
empower their staff to make wise choices in defending against malware.

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